My Bridesladies.

I could not possibly be more excited about my bridal party. It took me days, laboring over the decision, but exactly two minutes to figure out how the asking was going to go down.

{sidebar: given the option, I would have included about twelve women in my wedding party. My high school girlfriends and I are still incredibly close, plus the two friends I managed to acquire in college, and the ladies in Mr G’s set of friends who have so graciously allowed me to infiltrate and befriend, plus my sisters and G’s sister…it would have been the most amazing collection of women. alas, the church requests no more than six. and, I mean…that would have been a circus. really.}

Anyway, once I settled on six women {my sisters, G’s sister, and one friend each from high school, college, and post grad, in case you were wondering} I knew that there was going to be a pretty sweet asking situation.

I saw these online, probably at Wedding Chicks, and I wanted to sort of recreate those {for less than the small fortune they presumably spent}. I also had this idea in my head that I wanted champagne to be involved {but still not spend a small fortune? this was the beginning of my self-delusion regarding the wedding} so I decided to hand paint a champagne glass for each girl, and include a split of champagne.

Personal photo

I found some wedding cookie cutters at the craft store, so I thought I would bake cookies…but those seemed delicate and breakable {and more than a small pain in the ass} so I decided on rice krispies {universal favorite} dipped in chocolate.

Personal photo

I also included a card officially asking each woman to be a part of my wedding party, with a personal note on the inside. Altogether, they looked pretty sweet, I think.

Personal photo


After a slightly dishonest encounter with the US Postal Service {how serious are they when they ask if your package has liquid or breakables in it?} my brideslady packages were on their way, and I was pretty excited to see what the girls thought!



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