There’s someone that loves wedding planning?

I’ve been engaged for a solid two months now, with ten months to go until the actual wedding, and what I’ve learned is this: planning a wedding is hard. I know, right? The thing is, all of the blogs and former brides that I talk to keep saying that they loved planning their weddings, and they miss it.


Because, I’m just saying, I don’t necessarily love it, at all. Which is a bit surprising, I think. I mean, I truly plan dinner parties a few times a year with menus and guest lists and decorations and what have you. I know that my dinner parties are about a quarter to a fifth of the size of my wedding, but they generally involve similar elements, so I thought it would be ok.

Not so.

What I realized, one stressful afternoon when Evan and I were driving home from a bridal show {yes, he went to a show, but only to not be shown up by my dad, I think} is that there’s a ginormous difference between reading blogs and pinning pretty pictures, and actually committing to things for my own wedding day. Ev said something like, “Ok, now for the rest of the day we’re doing things I like,” and I was just so pissed that he thought that spending the day at an expo center, in crowds of people, having vendors question my every decision and indecision, and try to hock their wares at me and force me to nibble every bad cake sample {I don’t even like cake!}, was something that I enjoyed doing. And he was like, “But all girls like planning their weddings. Isn’t that why you spend hours on Pinterest and blogs?”


It’s so true, though- I love looking at pictures and reading about the diy things that other girls are doing to make their weddings awesome. I love being inspired in new ways to really make our guests feel like they are experiencing some of the love Evan and I have for each other, and know that they are such a special part of our lives.

What I don’t love is researching a dozen or more options for each vendor, tracking down their various pricing schedules and packages, inquiring about discounts for winter weddings, reading pages worth of reviews for them…all before we even get to having an in-person consultation! Then going to the consultation, telling them each our life story, listening to their spiel and then deciding that they aren’t exactly perfect for us {full disclosure- I have exacting standards, but Evan can find fault with the most perfect photographers, caterers, cake bakers…anything}. And then starting all over again, this time with slightly different parameters.

It’s frustrating, tiring, time consuming and, at the end of the day, it just makes me exhausted because I don’t think that Evan my mom most people even realize how much work this takes before they even hear the names of some of these vendors.

So..what is it about wedding planning that all these girls are sad that’s over? Or that they loved? Or is it like child birth- there are so many endorphins flowing at the end that you sort of gloss over how rough everything was at the time? Eh?


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