Baby Shower Craftiness

For some reason, whenever I go to anyone else’s house for a meal, I feel compelled to bring food.{ Actually, the reason isn’t at all mysterious- my mom always brings dessert wherever she goes, so it’s been ingrained since birth that, if you visit someone, you bring baked goods.} Anyway, even when I go into situations where it isn’t appropriate to bring food, I still need to bring something that’s been hand crafted.

So when I was invited to Evan’s step-sister’s baby shower, I knew that I couldn’t just pop into Babies r Us and grab something and be done with it. Instead, I crafted this guy:


Too cute, right? And it only took about twenty minutes to make {which is good, because of course I started it an hour before the shower began}. I won’t take any credit for inventing it, though- this tutorial made it the easiest thing ever. And, of course- the mom-to-be and all the guests thought I was a complete genius. Win!


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