The Unending Quest for a Venue

For me, starting to plan our wedding was one of the most frustrating processes, for a few reasons. First, I already had a clear idea of what I wanted it to look like and, although I was set on a traditional ceremony in the church, I was absolutely opposed to holding our wedding in a hotel ballroom or a country club. I just find those settings formal, yes, but incredibly stuffy and without much room to inject any personality. This was a challenge because nearly every person involved in our planning {moms, dads, Mr G} thought that, of course, our wedding would be held in a hotel ballroom {to be fair, Mr G’s dad works for a company that manages several hotels, so I’m pretty sure it was a foregone conclusion for them…oops!}.

We looked for a minute {to humor everyone} at the Marriott, but it just really, exceptionally was not what I was hoping for. The capacity to seat 700 is really lovely, but I just don’t need to seat 700. Or even 200.

So then I tried to steer every towards a few non-traditional, but still reception venue, options. One of my main contenders was the Vault. It’s an old bank building that, after the bank closed, a guy bought the space and opened it as a meeting venue. It’s pretty wide open, has the amazing staircase, and the bar is actually located in the bank vault. It was really one of my top choices, but the space was a little too big and, to be honest, I got a weird vibe from the owner who gave me a tour. So.

Next, we tried out the idea of having our reception at the Statehouse. The Statehouse is so insanely gorgeous that I can’t stand it, and I would have been thrillllllled to have our party there. Unfortunately, we had a budget and this venue did not fit. Also, they didn’t even try to cut us a break, even though it’s a January wedding. Mr G has a very serious rule about not working with anyone for the wedding who isn’t willing to work with us, so they we’re out of the picture pretty quickly.

We tried a few more places, including a few of the local park buildings which, for various reasons didn’t work out, but also would have been lovely {mainly because they would have let us bring our own catering and alcohol} before we finally found a venue that was perfect!


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