Our cake situation

Let’s have a chat, friends.

As we started planning, we had a few big tasks assigned to each month that I was steadfastly checking off. The month of April had a number of tasks and decisions, one of which is settling on a cake baker. To this end, I thought about all of the cake that I’ve tasted at bridal expos and made an appointment with a woman whose cake I absolutely loved {which is saying something, because I don’t particularly care for cake}.

And that’s where things started to go wrong. To begin with, I emailed this particular baker in February to arrange a tasting. For some reason, she was only able to give me times that coincided with working a job- when I explained this to her, she offered a few Saturday times, and mentioned that she only does tastings at a location 45 minutes away. Okay, fine. I emailed back and asked for one of her times, and didn’t receive an email in return.

April came and, seeing ‘cake’ listed as a task for this month, I emailed her again from a new account. We settled on a time during working hours, of course. Mr McGlovin {yessss!} came to pick me up and we were on our way when we ran into a bit of traffic. We were still about five minutes away from our destination when our meeting was supposed to begin, so I called the baker and left a message that we would be a tiny bit late. Would you believe that she called back and said that she had to cancel, because her husband had been called into work and she needed to stay at home with the kids?

Um, what? You’ve cancelled our appointment but neglected to call us or send an email?

Ok, so, life happens. Evan asked if we could just come by her house, or meet her somewhere, to grab the samples so we could at least do the tasting portion. She said no, but asked when we wanted to reschedule. {let’s be real: did she really just forget about the appt, so wasn’t at all prepared? probably.} McGlovin asked, if it had to be during daytime hours, if it could be closer to us. She said no. So, not only did she no call, no show, but she also didn’t apologize and also wouldn’t make any concessions to make things more convenient for a potential client. How does she have a business?

Anyway, so. Of course we had to cut her from our list of potentials, because how can you trust someone after that entire situation? And since our list of potentials was really only her…{crickets}. IF you know anything about me, you know that I went into work the next day and manically researched the top twenty five cake bakers, gathering prices and reading reviews. That night, I presented my research to Mr G and nearly died- the thought of paying well over $600 for cake {cake!} just kills me. I don’t particularly like cake, and the idea of paying so. much. money for flour and eggs and sugar and butter is too much.

So, now, for the finale of this tale:

I’ve decided to consider making my own wedding cake.


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