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The Cake Saga

Here’s the thing, though…I’m really pretty sure that I could make our wedding cake. I can bake a pretty mean cake, I have mastered the art of swiss meringue frosting and we’re just looking for something simple for the frosting, maybe a smooth finish with a ribbon around each tier.

Or maybe something with a tiny bit more interest, but still amazingly simple like a fluffy cloud cake.


Photo courtesy of Annie’s Eats

Although I’ve read a number of homemade wedding cake tutorials, and I’m pretty confident that between my sisters and my bridesmaids {most of whom are amazing chefs} we could pull it off without a problem, McGlovin is not so thrilled with the idea. He’s assured me that I am certainly capable of doing it, but he doesn’t want me to worry about the stress of wedding cake prep the night before our wedding. Honestly…my fear of extra stress is the only thing that’s really keeping me from pulling the trigger on this.

So, off to more tastings we go. I had the idea that if we went to a local grocery it would be less expensive, since they’re not a tiny artisan baker, so we scheduled a tasting there. The were…not less expensive. And the cake wasn’t amazing….it was ok, but surely not something that I was prepared to pay $500 for. Also, a good deal of their wedding cake portfolio had pictures like this:


Found on Google, image from this source

We also got a recommendation for another baker, whose prices were reasonable, who bakes cakes out of his house. Although Ev was a tiny bit skeptical about house visits, we went over there and were greeted with a selection of cupcakes and frostings.


Personal photo of cake deliciousness

His cake ah-mazing, most specifically the spice and fudge cakes, and the raspberry buttercream, with pureed raspberries. It was so good, I felt entirely comfortable choosing him as a cake baker. Until we got the estimate, and it was still over $500. Back to square one.

Is this for real? Are we really going to pay that much money for cake? I surely hope not, but at this point things are getting a little desperate. Unless I just bake the damn thing myself.


Dress Shopping, Take Two

Right, so.

After our disappointing showing at the first dress place, we headed to the ubiquitous Davids Bridal. I think our time there was pretty typical…our consultant tried to strong-arm her way into dressing me, after I told her that my mom had it, and then kind of bad mouthed us to my sisters {that went over pretty well!} and then seemed surprised that we weren’t going to buy a dress.

To be honest- I wasn’t really thrilled by how I looked in any of the dresses I put on at DB, but I was pretty thrilled with the idea of some epic skirt action.


Addicted to that top..

The top of dress #1 was really pretty, and I thought I would love the skirt but it just didn’t work out. Wait, wasn’t I looking for a more plain top and an awesome skirt? Move it along, Miss Gloves.



Look at the amazing skirt!

I wasn’t knocked out by this dress when I tried it on, but looking at the pictures, I love this skirt!! From the back, this dress is really amazing. Time for one more…


This is exactly like the skirt at the first place, and at this point I was pretty convinced that this was my dress. There were only a few problems…first, with all the taffeta floral appliques, this dress weighed about forty pounds. It was HEAVY. And second…


Why are my boobs a shelf?

All of the dresses that I tried on at DB gave me a shelf boob. I recognize, of course, that I’ve been especially blessed in that region, but my clothing choices don’t usually result in this phenomenon. No joke, though, after looking at all the pictures, I had a tiny pity party and truly questioned whether my boobs were really, truly going to doom me to a shelf situation at my wedding. There may have been tears. It was rough.

Stay tuned for the good news!

Wedding Dress Shopping…not awesome.

I don’t really know what I expected with wedding dress shopping. Here’s the thing- I’ve worn a wedding dress before. I did cotillion in high school, and the dress requirements involved a big white dress, so my mom and I shopped around and bought ourselves a beautiful, but somewhat plain, wedding dress. And my friend Rachael and I went to Running of the Brides last year {nope, neither of us were engaged…what of it?} so we had a hilarious time trying on many hideous samples there:

I’m not really sure what my deal is, but I’m not really tripping over myself to go wedding dress shopping. And when other people ask about it, I tend to get even more stubborn. I’ll go when I feel like it, ok?

So last Friday,  checking my email, I opened a message from a local bridal boutique and, on a whim, called and made an appointment. I knew that my mom and sisters would be in town on Saturday and figured, ‘what the hell’.

We drove over there, and immediately realized that this was not necessarily our target location. It was in a more rural location, just outside of Columbus, in a house that looked like a farmhouse. When we went inside we were greeted by one consultant {who I’m pretty sure was roughly seventeen} who explained how the dresses were organized, and left us to it. Wow, ok.

I loved this dress when we were trying it on, but not as my wedding dress. Everything about it is all wrong- starting with the visible boning, and ending with all of the horizontal stops {straight neckline, bow at the hips, satin at the hem…ugl}

After a long time, we found this dress, which I was also in love with….that skirt is so epic!! And the belt seemed like alot, but also very slimming..

Unfortunately, this was also about the time that we {my sisters and I, not my mom at all} started to experience the situation commonly known as ‘hangry’. We weren’t being helped, the dresses were kind of horrible, and it was all around not really a bridal experience….we were a little salty.


**all photos in this post are personal…and mostly unfortunate 🙂

I make no apologies, I’m into photography :)

Hi, did I somehow neglect to mention that we chose a photographer? Well, we definitely did, and I’m in love with her {them}.

As you are well aware, finding good photography is a process for me. I’m not interested in anyone who does selective coloring, or who seems to hand blur the background or foreground in photos, rather than using the focus in their camera effectively.


Selective color hurts my heart.

I also wanted to see someone whose style was mostly photojournalism {capturing moments as they happen, rather than creating moments to take photos of} and I wanted that to be reflected in their portfolios. Even though many photographers say their style is photojournalism, Evan always points out that most of their website shows posed photos- fail.

We did meet with a few photographers in our search. The first one was awesome, but despite being in an Ohio bridal show, he lived in New Orleans. We had a skype meeting, and we loved his personality and could work with his pricing, but something about him not being physically located in Ohio made us uneasy.

We met with another guy, in a bar, who we also liked for a while. Maybe it was the setting, but after a while he started to seem kind of bro-tastic. Also, when we tried to talk about his pricing, he reminded us that we would probably be getting money as a wedding gift, which we could put towards our photography budget. Although we loved his photos, that comment made an incredibly lasting and uncomfortable impression, so we nixed him as soon as we walked out.

After that meeting, we kind of wallowed around for a while {during which time I made the aforementioned spreadsheet, causing me to wallow some more}.  And then…one day at work, when I was checking all the weddingwire/knot/weddingchannel listings one last time, noticed a photographer on page 1000 or so, whose work was beautiful but didn’t have any reviews. And, although the website showed beautiful work, there was not a lot of it. After we got pricing, though, we scheduled a meeting at Jenis {even if it didn’t work out, we would still have ice cream!} for the following evening.


Doesn’t this just make your heart happy?

Friends- we loved her! It turns out, the photographer is actually two people, a husband and wife team. The wife did a good deal of second shooting with an amazing {and completely out of our budget} photographer in Columbus, and has only recently started her own studio. As such, she’s technically only shot one wedding by herself {with her husband} and a handful of engagement shoots. We got such a good vibe from them, and we loved, loved the work in their portfolio, so we booked them that night {truly, we left Jenis and emailed them in the car on the way home}. And then I sent their info to Rach, and she booked them too.

So we have photographers that we love, in a price range that we love. Awesome, right?