I make no apologies, I’m into photography :)

Hi, did I somehow neglect to mention that we chose a photographer? Well, we definitely did, and I’m in love with her {them}.

As you are well aware, finding good photography is a process for me. I’m not interested in anyone who does selective coloring, or who seems to hand blur the background or foreground in photos, rather than using the focus in their camera effectively.


Selective color hurts my heart.

I also wanted to see someone whose style was mostly photojournalism {capturing moments as they happen, rather than creating moments to take photos of} and I wanted that to be reflected in their portfolios. Even though many photographers say their style is photojournalism, Evan always points out that most of their website shows posed photos- fail.

We did meet with a few photographers in our search. The first one was awesome, but despite being in an Ohio bridal show, he lived in New Orleans. We had a skype meeting, and we loved his personality and could work with his pricing, but something about him not being physically located in Ohio made us uneasy.

We met with another guy, in a bar, who we also liked for a while. Maybe it was the setting, but after a while he started to seem kind of bro-tastic. Also, when we tried to talk about his pricing, he reminded us that we would probably be getting money as a wedding gift, which we could put towards our photography budget. Although we loved his photos, that comment made an incredibly lasting and uncomfortable impression, so we nixed him as soon as we walked out.

After that meeting, we kind of wallowed around for a while {during which time I made the aforementioned spreadsheet, causing me to wallow some more}.  And then…one day at work, when I was checking all the weddingwire/knot/weddingchannel listings one last time, noticed a photographer on page 1000 or so, whose work was beautiful but didn’t have any reviews. And, although the website showed beautiful work, there was not a lot of it. After we got pricing, though, we scheduled a meeting at Jenis {even if it didn’t work out, we would still have ice cream!} for the following evening.


Doesn’t this just make your heart happy?

Friends- we loved her! It turns out, the photographer is actually two people, a husband and wife team. The wife did a good deal of second shooting with an amazing {and completely out of our budget} photographer in Columbus, and has only recently started her own studio. As such, she’s technically only shot one wedding by herself {with her husband} and a handful of engagement shoots. We got such a good vibe from them, and we loved, loved the work in their portfolio, so we booked them that night {truly, we left Jenis and emailed them in the car on the way home}. And then I sent their info to Rach, and she booked them too.

So we have photographers that we love, in a price range that we love. Awesome, right?


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