Wedding Dress Shopping…not awesome.

I don’t really know what I expected with wedding dress shopping. Here’s the thing- I’ve worn a wedding dress before. I did cotillion in high school, and the dress requirements involved a big white dress, so my mom and I shopped around and bought ourselves a beautiful, but somewhat plain, wedding dress. And my friend Rachael and I went to Running of the Brides last year {nope, neither of us were engaged…what of it?} so we had a hilarious time trying on many hideous samples there:

I’m not really sure what my deal is, but I’m not really tripping over myself to go wedding dress shopping. And when other people ask about it, I tend to get even more stubborn. I’ll go when I feel like it, ok?

So last Friday,  checking my email, I opened a message from a local bridal boutique and, on a whim, called and made an appointment. I knew that my mom and sisters would be in town on Saturday and figured, ‘what the hell’.

We drove over there, and immediately realized that this was not necessarily our target location. It was in a more rural location, just outside of Columbus, in a house that looked like a farmhouse. When we went inside we were greeted by one consultant {who I’m pretty sure was roughly seventeen} who explained how the dresses were organized, and left us to it. Wow, ok.

I loved this dress when we were trying it on, but not as my wedding dress. Everything about it is all wrong- starting with the visible boning, and ending with all of the horizontal stops {straight neckline, bow at the hips, satin at the hem…ugl}

After a long time, we found this dress, which I was also in love with….that skirt is so epic!! And the belt seemed like alot, but also very slimming..

Unfortunately, this was also about the time that we {my sisters and I, not my mom at all} started to experience the situation commonly known as ‘hangry’. We weren’t being helped, the dresses were kind of horrible, and it was all around not really a bridal experience….we were a little salty.


**all photos in this post are personal…and mostly unfortunate 🙂


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