Dress Shopping, Take Two

Right, so.

After our disappointing showing at the first dress place, we headed to the ubiquitous Davids Bridal. I think our time there was pretty typical…our consultant tried to strong-arm her way into dressing me, after I told her that my mom had it, and then kind of bad mouthed us to my sisters {that went over pretty well!} and then seemed surprised that we weren’t going to buy a dress.

To be honest- I wasn’t really thrilled by how I looked in any of the dresses I put on at DB, but I was pretty thrilled with the idea of some epic skirt action.


Addicted to that top..

The top of dress #1 was really pretty, and I thought I would love the skirt but it just didn’t work out. Wait, wasn’t I looking for a more plain top and an awesome skirt? Move it along, Miss Gloves.



Look at the amazing skirt!

I wasn’t knocked out by this dress when I tried it on, but looking at the pictures, I love this skirt!! From the back, this dress is really amazing. Time for one more…


This is exactly like the skirt at the first place, and at this point I was pretty convinced that this was my dress. There were only a few problems…first, with all the taffeta floral appliques, this dress weighed about forty pounds. It was HEAVY. And second…


Why are my boobs a shelf?

All of the dresses that I tried on at DB gave me a shelf boob. I recognize, of course, that I’ve been especially blessed in that region, but my clothing choices don’t usually result in this phenomenon. No joke, though, after looking at all the pictures, I had a tiny pity party and truly questioned whether my boobs were really, truly going to doom me to a shelf situation at my wedding. There may have been tears. It was rough.

Stay tuned for the good news!


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