The Cake Saga

Here’s the thing, though…I’m really pretty sure that I could make our wedding cake. I can bake a pretty mean cake, I have mastered the art of swiss meringue frosting and we’re just looking for something simple for the frosting, maybe a smooth finish with a ribbon around each tier.

Or maybe something with a tiny bit more interest, but still amazingly simple like a fluffy cloud cake.


Photo courtesy of Annie’s Eats

Although I’ve read a number of homemade wedding cake tutorials, and I’m pretty confident that between my sisters and my bridesmaids {most of whom are amazing chefs} we could pull it off without a problem, McGlovin is not so thrilled with the idea. He’s assured me that I am certainly capable of doing it, but he doesn’t want me to worry about the stress of wedding cake prep the night before our wedding. Honestly…my fear of extra stress is the only thing that’s really keeping me from pulling the trigger on this.

So, off to more tastings we go. I had the idea that if we went to a local grocery it would be less expensive, since they’re not a tiny artisan baker, so we scheduled a tasting there. The were…not less expensive. And the cake wasn’t amazing….it was ok, but surely not something that I was prepared to pay $500 for. Also, a good deal of their wedding cake portfolio had pictures like this:


Found on Google, image from this source

We also got a recommendation for another baker, whose prices were reasonable, who bakes cakes out of his house. Although Ev was a tiny bit skeptical about house visits, we went over there and were greeted with a selection of cupcakes and frostings.


Personal photo of cake deliciousness

His cake ah-mazing, most specifically the spice and fudge cakes, and the raspberry buttercream, with pureed raspberries. It was so good, I felt entirely comfortable choosing him as a cake baker. Until we got the estimate, and it was still over $500. Back to square one.

Is this for real? Are we really going to pay that much money for cake? I surely hope not, but at this point things are getting a little desperate. Unless I just bake the damn thing myself.


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