So another month has come and gone, and my wedding planning has been a bit…stagnant. According to my Google Docs chart {appropriately titled ‘All the Things’} I accomplished more in May than any other month so far- I chose a hair person, makeup artist, ordered Save the Dates and Invitations, started registries and finally finished asking our entire wedding party. When people ask me what’s new with the planning, though {and ask constantly, they sure do} I don’t really have anything new to add. Well, anything they want to hear, anyway.


Best friend: So Erin, how’s the wedding planning?

Me: Well, we’re still working on making some cake decisions. I mean, my fiancé really wants cake, but I don’t really like cake, but if the man wants cake, he gets cake. But then, cake costs about $600, and it isn’t really even good- I mean, $600? It’s cake, not something amazing like tiramisu or anything. Plus, I mean…I bake. I could bake a cake. And it wouldn’t cost nearly $600. Maybe I’ll bake our wedding cake…in fact, you once did a cake decorating project for 4H, so you can probably decorate our wedding cake, right?

And by that time, she’s walked away and talking to someone else about how nuts I am.


Mom: So, have you guys started registering yet?

Me: Yeah, we started registries at Macys and Crate and Barrel. We registered for house things at Macys and dishes and things at Crate and Barrel. But then it seemed like things at Macys were really kind of up charged, so we added in Target, where the same things were cheaper. But there aren’t really a ton of things that we like at Target and, I know I really hate Bed Bath and Beyond because it’s so big and cramped and has too many options and I feel a little panic-y when I go in there and sometimes have to give myself a pep talk to calm down, but it seems like they have all the things that we want, in one location, and they always have those coupons so our friends could get a deal on presents….but I really hate that store. Oh, and Evan wanted to register at Sears, so we have that too.

And by then, my mom is kind of staring at me in shock, with a little bit of a worried frown.

So, to summarize- April and May don’t seem like they included a lot of progress, but I did a ton of research {pinterest}, considering {tuxes or suits?}, worrying {I hate BBB, but I think we need it} and making rash decisions {I’ve never seen the work of my hair or makeup people, but booked them anyway so I could stop thinking about it}. So, I mean…that’s definitely something, right?

Another Month Closer


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