I’m officially a bride!

How was your weekend? Oh you know, it was whatever….I bought my wedding dress!! And I’m in love with it! And I keep forcing my co-workers and friends to look at pictures of it!

Right, so. I got an email that a local boutique, which I hadn’t been to yet, was having a Mori Lee trunk show that week and I knew that I loved Mori Lee dresses- most of them err on the side of dramatic, especially in the skirt region, and they tend to be pretty reasonably priced. So I made my appointment and called my mom, since I figured she would want to come with me.

When we arrived, I told our consultant exactly what I was looking for- simple top {my lady bits tend to draw enough attention as it is}, drop waist {because my torso is approximately four inches long}, epic skirt {the most epic of epic skirts}. We talked about a price range, we talked about how my mom was going to deal with dressing me, and off we went.


Image via Mori Lee

I tried this dress on solely because of the skirt, and it was…weird. The skirt ruffles were all attached really close to the edge, so there wasn’t any movement and it was pretty stiff {not to mention super heavy}. Everyone agreed that it looked like winter, if that makes sense, but it wasn’t the dress for me.


Image via Mori Lee

Dress #2 was actually a huge let down. You can’t really see in the picture, but all the beautiful ruffles on this dress are actually just little tatters of tulle! Although it was fun and soft, up close the dress just looks really unfinished…like it got dragged around outside, but then cleaned up really well. Needless to say, Mama Gloves and I were not prepared to lay down a grand for some tattered fabic bits.


Image via Mori Lee

This dress. Just give me a minute for my heart to slow to a normal pace again.

This was the dress that made my mom weep, and made me giddy and say that I would buy it. This is the dress that I pictured at the very beginning of my dress search, and the dress that made me look like I had a tiny little waist and a perfect figure and was amazing. {McGlovin had originally expressed a distaste towards mermaid dresses, so I gravitated away from this style.} This is the dress that cost twice what I named as my budget.

Say what?

For real, guys, I was completely prepared to buy this dress based on my mom’s reaction, and the fact that it really made me look amazing. But wtf? Why on earth did the consultant put me in a dress that cost two times as much as I was prepared to spend? I was pretty infuriated when I realized what had happened, and my rage was not eased in the slightest when the owner came over and started saying things like, “What’s a few hundred dollars on your wedding day?” “What is you dream wedding worth, after all?” Well, lady- it’s worth the original amount that I told you when I walked into the store, that’s how much.

I was so angry at this situation that I had to go back into the dressing room before I said something I would later regret. And of course, as the nicest human being in the world, my mom was telling me that we could find room in the budget, if this was the dress that I wanted. And later that night, when I was telling McGlovin, he said the exact same thing, that we could rearrange the budget to make my dream dress work.

Here’s the thing, though…I was the one who made the dress budget, and I wasn’t about to change it! I knew that there were plenty of dresses in my price range, and there were plenty of dresses that would look awesome on my wedding day and frankly? I was prepared to buy that specific dress largely on the fact that I approved of it and my mom’s reaction was amazing. My wedding dress isn’t an aspect that I’d been prepared to obsess over, so I wasn’t particularly tearful or heartbroken about not being able to afford this dress- I was mostly incredibly irritated to have been treated to those kind of sales tactics.

So…want to see my dress? Too bad, friends…for my eyes only šŸ™‚ For now, at least.


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