Let them eat cake {among other options}

As you are certainly already aware, there is a tiny bit of cake drama in our wedding celebration- McGlovin is super for having a traditional, multi-tiered wedding cake, and I am super against paying an alarming sum of money for cake, which I never find to be particularly good and usually eat the obligatory two bites that I am served.

Well. At lunch this week {because Mr G and I occasionally have the luxury of eating lunch together, due to his having two out of every three afternoons off} we discussed {I made Mr G aware of} a poll that was currently taking place on twitter- pretty much, I requested friend feedback on our dessert debacle.

{Sidebar: Mr G hates twitter. Although our entire friend group is on twitter, and we communicate there regularly to keep everyone up to date and make plans, he won’t even entertain the thought of using it. He especially hates when I share G-related information with twitter. In fact, when Mr G and his dad were installing new appliances in our house, I live tweeted the afternoon-long hilarity and, when he found out, he was infuriated to the point of evening-long silence. As a result, I’m usually a little hesitant to share twitter info with G- but we really needed a tie breaker in this situation, so to the polls it was!}

Anyway, there we were at Bob Evans, since we’re elderly, and I let Mr G know that I had requested an outside opinion on wedding dessert and…he was amused, much to my relief. We had suggestions of pie, tiramisu, cheesecakes, ice cream, and a few traditional cake hold outs. After a relatively painless discussion we came to a decision…wedding pie it is!


Photo taken by Jessica Watson, featured on Ruffled Blog

Mr G really does want a cake, so we’ll probably end up with a small {maybe two tiers?} cake, but then we will also have a pie option. Here are a few things we thought about:

1. In my mind, pie usually means fruit pie, and fruit pie should always be served warm, with the optional {optional? Are you kidding me? Necessary, is more like it} scoop of vanilla ice cream. Mr G suggested that we look beyond fruit pie, into the world of pecan pies, peanut butter pie, key lime pie, etc. {If you pour cheesecake into a pie pan, that’s still pie, right?} We will still have fruit pies, but there are plenty of other flavor profiles that fit nicely into pie pans.


Peanut Butter Pie: Source

2. We {I} have been reading and re-reading A Practical Wedding, and I’m {we’re} trying really hard to delegate, and let go of some control so that our wedding really can be a ‘community’ celebration- we’re trying to follow advice to be generous with our wedding, so that people can feel like they’re really a part of it. This is hard, especially with cooking endeavors, because I am usually the go-to chef among friends and family. With a tiny bit of convincing, though, Mr G reminded me that our moms, grandparents, aunts/uncles and friends are really good cooks as well, and some of them would probably love to contribute a pie. {This tactic did seem to backfire this weekend, when we mentioned this plan to his mom. She makes a remarkable ‘cheese pie’ with ricotta and pine nuts, very Italian. When we asked her if she would consider making it, she was shocked and let us know that she would probably be too busy to make pie. So…we may need to rethink this.} If there are still a few pies left to be made, I’m sure I would love to make them the week of- I seriously use baking to relieve stress, so it might be nice.

3. And finally, displaying the pies. Mr G mentioned that he would like to see a general dessert table, with the cake in the center and raised, then pies all around it. Maybe we use cake stands, maybe we create differing heights by putting risers under the table cloth, but I’m sure it will be lovely.

So, wedding cake and wedding pie! I’m pretty thrilled to have this decision made 🙂


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