Twin Weddings

True Life: one of my best friends and I are having the exact same wedding- in a really awesome way.

Backstory- Rachael and I met in Hawaii, when we were both taking a semester away from the University of Dayton. I think we were each pretty conservative/quiet/infrequent-alcohol-consumers before we got there, but something about being on island time inspired the best in us, and we spent most of that semester looking like this:



I’m pretty sure that our friendship was not love at first sight, but over the six months we were in Hawaii, we realized that we are actually very close to being the same person and, since then, have been relatively inseparable {never-minding the fact that we live two hours away from each other}. We’ve been planning our weddings for the past two years, I would say, and we definitely did Running of the Brides last year before either one of us was engaged {hey man, they had just announced that it would be the end of Running of the Brides. It’s not really that crazy, ok?} 

Anyway, when Rachael’s fiance proposed last summer, I was thrilled! Then Evan proposed in December, and now we’re planning weddings that are six months apart and, roughly, the exact same wedding. I know that it’s not completely kosher with many brides, but I have to say–I could not be happier about this situation! We tend to have extremely similar tastes and want similar things, and it’s been really helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, because I know that it Rach likes it, I’ll like it and vice versa.


Just some wedding planning, nothing to see here.

Some examples: I wanted to do a ring blessing, but knew my church wouldn’t allow it during the ceremony, so Rachael suggested that we do it at the rehearsal, which she and her fiance are doing. Also, we have a similar budget, so when I found the perfect photographer, I passed her name along, and now we’re both using her {awesome!}. We’re both doing family style meals, with Italian menus, we have very similar princess dress, and we both reject the idea of garter and bouquet tosses. Of course, there will be many differences, most especially our guest lists and venues, but it’s pretty sweet to have a best friend to help with the wedding planning.

Anyway, so Rach is getting married in about a month, so this weekend we threw her a shower. I did the food, which was pretty well received.


                                                   Nom nom nom

In addition to what’s pictured there, we also had a waffle bar, which was awesome! There were a few waffle irons and batter, so everyone could make a fresh waffle, then a variety of toppings like compound butter, syrup, fresh fruit, and whipped cream. It was so much fun to help her celebrate her wedding, and I’m pretty excited to attend next month!


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