Engagement Photo Session

Blarg!! I arrived home this evening to find a present waiting for me:

And, when I unwrapped it, this is what I found:

{Aside: Isn’t her branding crazy beautiful? Between the kraft paper packaging, the letterpressed logo, the velvet belly band, the amazing image on the disc…I love getting things from Lauren 🙂 }

A very brief background on our photographer search- it was long and extremely frustrating. After a few failed meetings with various photographers {one told us to use money we got as wedding gifts to afford a more expensive package- wtf?}, I spent an entire day doing research. I found the top hundred or so wedding photographers in Columbus {how is it possible that there are over 100 wedding photographers in C-bus??}, and put their names in a spreadsheet. I added a few other columns: pricing, package, reaction to portfolio. I went to every. single. website, checked out their pics, and made notes on my reaction to their photos: good, bad, or ambivalent. For anyone that was good or ambivalent, I also marked down pricing and what their package included, and what their style was like.

Where did that leave us? Nowhere. Anyone whose photography we loved was more than our two thousand dollar budget, and the people who we could afford did extremely irritating things, like use selective color or over process photos. I really, really thought we were going to have to settle for a photographer we didn’t love when, miraculously, I found a studio whose photos I loved. The only problem? The photography team had only technically shot one wedding. But that wedding was really, really good.

When we met with Lauren {we met for ice cream at Jeni’s- immediate bonus points} she let us know that she had done a fair amount of second shooting for an extremely well regarded local photographer before she decided to open her own studio with her husband, Andy. McGlovin and I were a tiny bit skeptical at her tiny portfolio, so we told her that we would let her know in the next week or so. On the drive home, though, we agreed that her photos, as few as there were, were really amazing and Lauren and Andy had a really great vibe that we would love to have around on our wedding, so….I emailed them from my phone while we were still driving to ask them to be our photographers!

A month or so later we had our engagement session in Dayton, both at UD and at a local fire station {McGlovin is a firefighter} and a few weeks later we got that package above. Right, so let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s a tiny bit of what we saw on our disc:

I had so, so many reactions to these pictures, but the overwhelming reaction was l.o.v.e. We didn’t get any portraits, which I didn’t really realize that we would want until later, but overall our photographers were amazing, and managed to capture Evan and I so perfectly! Most of our photos are laughing, and I feel like you can really, really tell that we love each other. So…yay!

***the top two photos are personal, the amazing engagement pics are courtesy of Barefeet Studio!


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