Makeup Trials and Tribulations

I know that everyone says this, but I truly don’t usually wear makeup any more. In high school and college, I had great skin and usually put on a full face of makeup before I left the house- foundation, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner…plenty-o-makeup. Then, after I spend some time abroad, I came back with an unpredictable and terrifying allergic reaction to…something. {I kid you not, four years later we think that I’m allergic to a specific pesticide or preservative that’s used on some produce from other countries…we think.} When I had a reaction, my face would swell, I would get blistery little hives on my mouth and eyes, and have trouble breathing- for days. The only thing that would kill it was prednisone, a steroid, which cased a terrible adult onset acne.

Moral of the story- I had great skin as a teenage, and my face was a hot mess as an adult.

So, this January, I decided to stop using foundation and makeup to cover it, and I gave my skin three months to breathe without makeup. Things improved, but now I’m left redness and scars that I usually smear tinted moisturizer over, but am usually too lazy to bother with anything else. So that’s my makeup situation.

When Evan learned that I was having professional makeup done for our wedding, he was terrified. He has a lotion phobia {I’m not at all kidding, and will talk more about that later} that extends to nearly anything liquid-y on skin including, but not limited to, foundation and lipgloss. I love Evan, but I also wanted to look pretty for my wedding, so I told him I would tread lightly {I did not, in any, shape or form, tell the makeup artist to tread lightly}. I gathered a few fiance-approved photos of Carrie Underwood, handed them to my makeup artist, and this is what she came up with:

Personal pic, outdoors

Personal pic, indoors

When I first saw myself, after my makeup was done, I didn’t know what to think- I mean, I really didn’t think that I looked like myself at all. Evan {after he got over his disgust at the copious lipgloss, which I promptly wiped off} said that it looked like a very pretty person, it just didn’t look like me. So, some mixed reviews, and we agreed to wait until the professional pics came out to see what we thought. So, here we are:

I kind of…love it! The eyelashes might be a bit much, and I’ll probably ask for a set that doesn’t have the super-long outer lashes for the wedding, but overall I think its good. Thought?

***top two photos are personal, and the bottom three are care of the amazing Barefeet Studio


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