I’ve definitely mentioned the packages I sent to ask my bridesmaids to celebrate my wedding with me, but I don’t think I’ve ever said who they are! To start, we have my sisters, who will be the co-Maids of Honor.

All dressed up for our brother’s engagement party 🙂

I couldn’t imagine choosing anyone else to be my Maid of Honor, since they know me better than any other human being, and I didn’t really feel like choosing between them- I’m pretty thrilled to have both of them as my Maids! And yes, I was warned heavily about the drama of having two Maids of Honor, but no, there hasn’t been any, whatsoever.

Next is McGlovin’s sister, Abby. Abby is probably the second nicest person I’ve ever met, after Mr G.

Vacation in the Caymans- I’m kind of looking a hot, sunburnt mess 🙂

Not only did she and her husband invite us to join them on vacation in the Caymans, she was also the single most excited person to find out McGlovin was planning to propose. She insisted on providing the chocolate covered strawberries with dinner, and had bridal magazines and champagne as soon as we came over to tell her.

For as much as I’ve always pictured having a small wedding, I’ve never pictured a tiny wedding party- I always saw myself having all of my friends around me on my wedding. The more that I tried to figure out my bridesmaids, though, the more trouble I had reaching a limit. For example, my best friends from high school are a group of women called the ‘chixxx’. We’ve remained great friends since high school, and we usually vacation together and celebrate Christmas and New Years together. One of these girls is getting married in September, and the other four of us will be serving as her bridesmaids {and we’re pretty excited!}.  Four more people would make seven, though, and there were still a number of other people that I wanted to help me celebrate, and I certainly couldn’t just have some of them…right?

Annual fancy dinner, all chixxx present and accounted for 🙂

In the end, I decided to ask just one of them, Nina, to be a bridesmaid. A) it seemed like asking one person was better than dividing the group and b) Nina was actually one of the main players in setting Evan and I up, so if I were forced to choose {and I was} she seemed like the most natural choice.

Then my college friends. To be honest, I only went to Dayton for five semesters {in intervals, due to travelling}, and didn’t really make the kind of lifelong friends that you seem to usually make with your four-year roommates. Oops? Still, I had two best friends from my junior year who I keep in ridiculously close contact, I would consider to be some of the most important women in my life.

We only spent maybe four months living together, but we’re still addicted to each other 🙂

And there were also a number of women who had been in Mr G’s ‘friend group’ in college- whom I’ve come to know and adore over the past few years.

These girls immediately accepted me into their friend group when Ev and I started dating- awesome 🙂

In the end, though, I decided that the best decision would be to ask Rachael to be my bridesmaid- she’s one of the few amazing friends I left college with, she knows McGlovin and I pretty well as a couple, and we’ve gone on a few mini vacations {white water rafting!} with her and her fiancé {now husband!}.

Now, to be honest- I’ve been out of college for three years, and I haven’t made many ‘grown-up’ friends. That’s normal, right? But, for the past two or so years, Mr G and I have had a standing weekly date night with his best friend, Colin and his girlfriend, Heather. I’ve spend more time with Heather than most of the other people in my life, and it really just seemed perfectly natural that she would be in our wedding.

What that I spy? Heather and Colin, with Rachael and Mark? Must be a family dinner 🙂

So, there you have it- my sisters, Mr G’s sister, one friend each from high school, college and post college. It’s certainly representative, if nothing else 🙂

How did everyone else manage to pare down their bridesmaids, or was it a natural choice?

***all photos are examples of my outstanding photography skills!


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