A very calm DJ selection

So, DJ was definitely one of the things that was on Mr G’s wedding list…

{Sidebar- I don’t know if we’ve discussed it, but Mr G is planning fully half of this wedding. He has a lot of ideas and opinions and it just seemed to make the most sense that, if he wanted to have that much input-which I am grateful for- he may as well actually be doing some of the planning. So, he’s handling a serious amount of the wedding management.}

…and we’ve only just now really gotten around to working on that. Music wasn’t ever really one of our priorities- we both like music, we happily dance at weddings and other events, but it wasn’t going to be a thing for us. So last week, Mr G called a few places and only found one person he liked on the phone, whom we met with last night. After our meeting, this is what our review conversation sounded like:

Me: So…thoughts?

Mr G: Well, I didn’t dislike him.

Me: And his rates aren’t terrible.

Mr G: I don’t object to him.

Me: Ok- I think he’ll be perfectly sufficient.

Have you ever heard such enthusiasm? Ha! We’re still six months out, but I think Ev and I are close to being done with planning. We’ve chosen all of the vendors that we really care about {food, photos, cake} and now we just want to settle on the rest and move.it.along. Wa wa 🙂

Have you hit a point in your planning where you just don’t care, you just want to make the decision?


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