Decorating- is it optional?

I’ve been having some pretty serious internal monologue lately regarding decorations for our reception. If you recall, the Venue is a converted warehouse, so it has the potential to be a little cold, or utilitarian. I feel like, especially in the winter, it’s going to need some warming up, and I’m not entirely certain how that is going to happen.

This is the dance floor portion- the downstairs. If it’s going to be filled with people, I don’t know if it really needs a lot to happen. I mean, a few candles scattered on cocktail table, the guestbook will have flowers and candles, and it should be fine- right?

The upstairs, on the other hand, is a little sparse. Picture this, but it will most likely be dark, since it’s a evening winter wedding. Our setup will likely involve black linens with grey napkins. We’ll probably have table runners- maybe gray lace? There will be more glasses per setting, and there won’t be flower centerpieces, just candles. I like how the bride here used paper lanterns, but they seem a little…sparse? Should there be more of them? Or concentrated somewhere? I’m also considering the use of tissue poms, mixed in- too much? If we did lanterns or poms or both, we would likely use a number of shades on the white-grey-black scale…but I don’t really know what to commit to just yet.

Glitter dipped ornaments on ribbon

There’s also the option of using wintergreens, or white poinsettias, since it’s in early January. I have a lot of options, but no idea at all what to choose- which is good, because now I can pare down. What would you go with? How much is too much? Any advice, hive?


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