Wedding Website!

I always knew that I would want to make a wedding website, and I knew that I would want to buy a domain- I really, really hate it when I have to type in just to get some basic info {but, I mean, if that’s your deal, it’s cool…I didn’t want that to be my deal J}. Anyway, so, once we started getting some info, I checked out a few templates on wordpress, found one that looked pretty clean, locked in a domain name that would be easy to remember and started to craft it.

I really like the way that it’s working out! You can find all of the actual wedding information that you need in the page navigator just under our names {ceremony, hotels, reception, registry, rsvp- yes, you can rsvp online, should you so choose}. Then, underneath, I made four ‘sticky’ posts, each giving some more information. The Columbus page has some suggestions for ways to spend extra time, the Evan + Erin page shows off a few of our engagement pics, the ‘Some Wedding Things’ page discusses the logistics of parking, timing, taxis, etc., and the FAQs page is where you can find our proposal story and other interesting {maybe?} things about us.

It kind of took a long time to put together and edit but, overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. After talking to a lot of other brides, though…I’m kind of wondering if it’s even worth it. I know that I definitely use wedding websites, if they have useful information, but I’ve heard that most guests don’t even bother.

Did you do a website? Do people actually use it, or does it seem like it was a waste of time?


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