Saving the Date

Having sent our Save the Dates means that we’re really, super, completely getting married and we’re going to have some guests there to watch it happen! Yay!

Our Save the Dates are really pretty simple. Probably in February or so, McGlovin saw a deal for Vistaprint on LivingSocial- something like $70 worth of printing for $17. Always a deal lover, he bought a few of them and then I read the fine print and realized that the deal was only good for the next 90 days. Under no circumstances did I ever plan to order our invitations or anything a full seven months before our wedding, so I pushed it out of my mind for exactly two and a half months. {I also never planned to order invitations from a mass printer, like Vistaprint. My wedding has led me to agree to many things I never would have pictured myself agreeing to.}

Anyway, two weeks before the deal was due to expire, Mr G and I sat down on the couch to select a design. Full disclosure: I threw a complete temper tantrum when he insisted we order our invitations from Vistaprint. I love paper, I love design, I love the tiny personal touches that brides are able to use when they don’t use a mass printer, and I had originally love the idea of one of my best friends designing them. I was so incredibly opposed to Vistaprint, and insisted that everything would look awful and not at all like the beautiful, classy wedding we were trying to throw.

Huh, ok. Well, McGlovin pulled out the ‘Wedding Sample Pack’ that he had conveniently ordered from Vistaprint the week earlier, showed me a few samples of their paper, printing, etc, and tried to suggest that maybe invitations, which we’ve never, ever really cared about before regarding other people’s weddings, were not the place where we wanted to spend a huge sum of money- maybe we would rather spend that on food, or jewelry, or gifts for our wedding party. Sound logic, yes, and the printing was better than I expected, but I was still completely salty. Mr G wasn’t budging, though, and threw together a few designs.

As it turns out- Vistaprint has some designs which I didn’t hate- in fact, many of them are really cute! And, after I let it marinate for a while, I realized that he was completely right. Paper products are not a battle I’m trying to fight. Mr G and I agreed on a modern design, dark with an over sized ampersand {to appease me} and ordered the entire suite. He also agreed that I could alter them in any way that I liked, so be prepared for some pretty sweet and semi-DIYed invitations 🙂

Anyway, back to the save the dates:

Personal blurry photo

We love the idea of a photo magnet, but kind of hate oversized magnets that have tons of info that we never want again. So, we chose to use a post card that contains all of our wedding info.

Personal blurry photo

Then, we also included a small magnet, the size of a business card, with one of our engagement pics and the date. That way, you can keep the magnet if you want to, but it’s not a mess of text that’s completely outdated.

I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out! There are so many really beautiful and expensive invitations out there- did anyone else go the less expensive route with good results? Want to share them?


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