regarding flowers

Very early in the wedding process, I took the advice of Meg, at A Practical Wedding, and made a list of the things that were important to me in a wedding. McGlovin and I talked it over and decided that the most important thing was the vibe of the day- we wanted everyone to feel incredibly welcome and happy and like they were a part of our amazing celebration. To that end, we wanted the location to be welcoming and not stuffy, and we wanted the meal at our reception to reflect inclusivity, so we chose to serve family style. We also decided that we wanted awesome pictures which captured moments as they happened, not a photographer who made photos from poses. So, we chose an amazing photography team who took really beautiful pictures.

Once we set the things that were important to us, we also looked at the things that we weren’t trying to put so much effort into. Frankly, what we wore was on that list- I wanted a pretty dress, but I really didn’t have anything that I was set on. I wanted McGlovin to wear whatever the hell he felt like , and he feels like a tux, I think. Settled. Our DJ is also on that list- we have fun friends and family who will make it a party as long as there’s music, so we knew our DJ just needs to be sufficient- we really don’t need anything amazing on the technical/lighting/mixing front.

Finally, at the very bottom of the list, is flowers. I want a bouquet that looks nice, sure. But there are so many things that make me not care about flowers. To start with, we’re getting married in Ohio in January. There’s not a huge selection of flowers that aren’t crazy expensive, and I’m really not looking to spend any sum of money. Additionally, McGlovin has mentioned that he sees the groomsmen wearing pocket squares, not boutonnieres, we’re not doing church flowers because the Cathedral is insanely gorgeous, and we’re not doing centerpieces because a) I hate them and b) we’re passing food, so there’s no room.

So, I mean…between my bouquet and the bridesmaids, and the parent/grandparent flowers, a florist isn’t really something that I’m looking to expend any amount of energy on. Which means that my first florist appointment was a bit…rocky. I had a number of inspiration photos, but no idea what I want. I think white flowers are so pretty for the bride, but Mr G would prefer that there be some colors {bright colors}. This is what my inspiration looks like:

Image via Project Wedding; Photo by Clary Pfeiffer; Bouquet by Ashland & Addison

Image via One Wed; photo by Deborah Zoe Photography

Image via Ruffled Blog, photo by Leo Patrone

Unfortunately, most of those flowers are out of season or expensive, so the florist had a hard time figuring out what I wanted/would be in season/was interested in paying for. She suggested a number of things that I realized that I hated {gerbera daisies, any pink flowers, most roses} and was left with few other options. I could tell that she was getting frustrated with me, and I was getting frustrated with the situation. When I left, it kind of felt like it was a draw- the florist versus me, and no one won, which only underscored my ambivalence for flowers, and didn’t leave me with any enthusiasm for another meeting.

I know alot of people will suggest that we skip flowers altogether, but I don’t really want to do that- I mean, flowers aren’t a priority, necessarily, but I still would like to be holding a bouquet of real flowers at some point on my wedding day. So…anyone have any suggestions/inspiration they care to share, regarding inexpensive but pretty and real flowers? Or maybe this is another DIY moment in the Gloves wedding 🙂


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