Dressing the Ladies

My next big thing to check off is bridesmaid dresses. I’m not concerned concerned about this yet, but it’s getting close.

When we first started planning, I knew that I wanted the girls to wear knee length black dresses, preferably not from a bridal store. I don’t know why the hell bridal salons make dress buying so difficult- the material is always awful, they are always so. much. more. than what I would usually spend on a dress of that quality, and they never, ever fit! You always have to spend another chunk of money having them altered. So I would prefer a dress from a retail store.

I asked the girls to start gathering inspiration for dresses {I was pretty sure that they would wear the same dress, but could be swayed either way}. These are a few of the front runners:

When I showed Mr G a few of the front runners, he was immediately concerned about the length- he thought that the dresses should cover the girls’s knees. I tried to calmly explain that a dress touching my knees would be the worst possible length on me, and mostly likely all women, and he wasn’t convinced. Deep breathes. I made an executive decision that dressing the girls would be my domain, and he could handle the guys. McGlovin hates to give up control of anything, but we reached a tentative agreement.

Moving forward, I made a conscientious effort to choose dresses that were as close to the knee as possible, bearing in mind that my six foot tall sister would need some extra length, or just a pass on the length issue {she’s six feet tall- give her a break}. I also realized that I love, love, love black lace dresses. So, here’s what we’re left with:

The next step is to start trying things on to see what they look like- stay tuned!


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