Etsy…I’ll take one of everything.

Well, friends- it seems like Etsy fever has hit, and it’s bad!

When Evan and I bought our house last year, I bought a very cute return address stamp as a little housewarming present to myself.

This is clearly not us.

I love being able to just stamp it on mail, especially when I’m sending things out in batches {surprisingly frequently, pre-wedding}. I knew that I would definitely use a stamp on all of our wedding mail, because I really hate when it’s preprinted, and I can’t imagine writing it out a few hundred times, but I thought that our first stamp was a little informal. So…I bought a new one, this time in calligraphy.

The calligraphy is so pretty!

After shortly thereafter, I fell in love with the ring bowls, by Paloma’s Nest. I would love to do a ring blessing at my rehearsal and a ring bowl seems to be a nice and secure way to pass them around.

so pretty!

Unfortunately, Paloma’s Nest is just a tiny bit outside of my price range. I contacted Pottery by Sumiko, who created a beautiful bow with an inscription I love.

It means ‘love conquers all’

One thing leads to another, and all of a sudden I was buying a sash for a friend’s bachelorette party, perusing wedding jewelry and veils, pricing out gorgeous lace garters…I can’t stop myself! I want all of the etsy things!


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