I’m such a Bee!

Hey hello, Hive- it’s so glove-ly to bee here!

{See what I did there? With the glove and the bee? All the puns!}

Terrible dad jokes aside, I really am so excited to be the newest addition to Weddingbee. I’ve been a Weddingbee reader for years {don’t judge!} and I’ve only recently wondered whether I could be a blogger, too. I sent in my application just shy of my six month date, and I was pretty skeptical about my chances of being chosen as a blogger bee, but…here I am!

So, who are the Gloves? Well, I am a twenty five year old bride who loves yoga, crazy tall high heels  and planning dinner parties for our amazing friends. Mr. Gloves {G? McGlovin? Only time will tell!} is a firefighter, former teacher, and the nicest person I have ever met in my entire life. I’m a little impulsive, he’s incredibly level headed and we balance each other pretty perfectly.

Personal photo- Mr G indulging my impulsiveness

Mr G proposed a few days before my birthday and took me by complete surprise, which is a little shocking since he also told every single person in my life. For the past six months we’ve been working hard to plan a wedding that balances traditional and modern styles, and that gives us plenty of room for personalization and DIY. It’s sometimes stressful, but we have a pretty awesome sense of humor, so we haven’t encountered any crisis just yet!

So, that’s us in a nut shell…the Gloves! We’re so excited to share our wedding journey with the Hive- thanks for having us!


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