Flowers- courtesy of the grocery?

So, flowers, the bane of my existence. It’s a bad situation because I don’t have any definitative opinions, and therefore am incapable of committing to anything. So.

My sister came with me to talk to a florist about two weeks ago, which was necessary so I didn’t get distracted or flustered, and it was really only partially effective. I couldn’t give an exact picture of what I was looking for, all I knew was that I didn’t want several of the flowers the florist suggested. I was clearly a less-than-helpful bride.

And then the quote came, and it’s so much more than I have budgeted and wanted to spend which, of course, makes me resent flowers even more, because I truly detest spending big chunks of the budget on things which I’m just not passionate about, but still need to have to appease everyone else.  Shannon, one of my sisters and bridesladies, suggested that we carry puppies instead of flowers, and I don’t know if that’s such a bad idea 🙂

Getting that quote really got me thinking, though. There have been a few times where a few hundred dollars here or there just weren’t important enough for me to argue or rethink my plan, but flowers really are a place where I don’t want to spend alot of money. So, here’s my thought process:

All I need for flowers are: bridal bouquet, 6 bm bouquets, 3 mom flowers and 3 dad flowers {McGlovin has a remarried family}. We’re doing pocket squares for the groomsmen, so they don’t need flowers. Do grandparents need flowers? If yes, that really only adds 3 coursages and 1 boutonniere. We don’t need ceremony flowers or centerpieces {the Cathedral is amazing in it’s own right, and will be already decorated from the holidays, and we’re passing food, so I don’t want centerpieces to get in the way}. So, I mean, altogether that’s not very many flowers, so we should really be able to do them for much, MUCH less that a grand.

Enter Sams Club. They sell wedding packs, which include varying numbers of bouquets, coursages, etc. and they are cheap! And, I checked the boards and Googled some reviews, and they’re mostly really good. Here are a few options:

Photo courtesy of Sams Club

Photo courtesy of Sams Club

Now, I know that Sams Club/Costco/Walmart isn’t usually the first vendor that comes to mind when planning a classy wedding, but…there really doesn’t seem to be any reason to be snobby here, when I don’t really care about the flowers. So, what do you think- is it crazy to go this route, or would you consider it if you were in my place?


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