Some guest list backlash…

So, I already mentioned that our guess list was a little subjective in its creation- we have a limited space and seemingly unlimited people who could be invited. Rather than inviting people who seemed like obligations, because of the way we were connected to them, McGlovin and I chose to really focus on filling our 120 seats with people who we wanted to be there, and people who really would want to be there. I know full well that the tradition in my family is to invite everyone you’re related to but, frankly, why the hell should I have to invite people to my wedding who aren’t important to me? Well, I decided not to- and that’s where the trouble arises.

In the four years that we’ve been dating, McGlovin has attended a fair number of family events with me- in fact, I don’t think he’s missed any, so we have attended exactly the same number of extended family gatherings. If, in those four years, there are family members who we haven’t talked to, or family members who have done nothing but make negative impressions on us- why would we invite them to celebrate our wedding with us? {Please keep in mind that McGlovin is one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met, and has limitless capacity for making polite conversation with strangers, so- it’s not like he wouldn’t be friendly to my family if given the opportunity}. I don’t have a particularly close extended family, so…I mean, why do people just sort of think that, since they’re related, they are entitled to an invitation to one of the most important days of our lives?

There doesn’t need to be a solution to this- I just needed to vent. My parents completely support our decisions, and continue to suggest that if people are offended that their children, grandchildren, etc  were not invited, that they are more than welcome to take it up with us- and I wish they would! Because then maybe I could ask why the hell they are so rude to demand that we invite other people to our personal event? I just wish that my poor mom weren’t caught in the middle of this drama 😦

I know that you must have some similar situations- what are you guys doing to ensure that your guest lists are full of the people that you love?


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