Accessorizing My Look

Guys, lets be real here: I definitely can’t hold out on you until the wedding. Let’s just take a little peek at my dress, shall we?

Oh my gah, I love this dress! {personal photo}

And the train…its ruffled and awesome! {personal photo}

Ahh! I cannot believe how much I love it! Some real talk, though…it is definitely from the Mori Lee Julietta line. That is, their ‘women’s’ line. As in, am I really too big for regular sizing so they had to put me in women’s sizing, rather than standard bridal sizing?

Ok, I know that I’m not a bridal size six- or a street size six, for that matter. But I’ve never considered myself to be a plus-sized girl, either- not that that’s a bad thing! But when the bridal people started bringing over the plus sized dresses, it was really, really disheartening. On the other hand, it was also kind of nice to have someone clipping the dress in the back, rather than hearing, “it’s not going to zip- I’ll hold it up for you”. Also, having a dress that actually made reasonable accommodations for my lady lumps…well, that was pretty nice, too. So, for a while I was hard core dwelling on the fact that my dress comes from the women’s equivalent of the ‘husky’ section, but I really have embraced a more ‘F that, my dress is beautiful and fits‘ state of mind.

Moving on…the reason that I caved and posted a dress pic is because I’m addicted to my dress and feel compelled to share with the world I need to figure out my bridal look. Firstly, veil- cathedral or no? I didn’t really have any thoughts either way, so the bridal lady put me in the most dramatic veil possible, and…I’m kind of loving it. On the other hand, it has been suggested that the veil kind of covers up what I have going on in the back, which isn’t really untrue. So…any suggestions? {On that note- where are we on blushers? Yes? No? Kate Middleton brought it back, so we can all do it again?}

Next up, jewelry. I’m pretty sold on the idea of a bracelet, ideally a sparkly bangle.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what else…earrings? A necklace? Both? I don’t want things to be too busy {re: gaudy} so I’m not really sure what to do about that situation. Let’s take another look at my dress, to brainstorm ideas 🙂

How cute was my mom when we were dress shopping? Real cute 🙂

Any suggestions, hive?


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