A non-wedding weekend

Guys…I’ve hit a wall. A wedding planning wall. As in, I haven’t made any progress on wedding things for, oh, about two weeks. I think that’s ok, though. I really anticipate about two walls in my planning: this one, where all the decisions have been made, and it’s just a little too far out to work on the details of everything, and the one that you hit when you’re between a month to two weeks out and you are so over whelmed that you just want to call it quits and elope {or so I’ve heard}.

So, rather than stress myself out for being in a wedding rut, we’ll talk about something off topic- Pelotonia. This last weekend, the Mister and I, along with one of my sisters and my future mother in law, participated in a bike ride called Pelotonia. The basic idea is that every person who signs up to ride {there were over 6,000 riders this year} commits to raising money that goes directly, and I mean directly, to cancer research at Ohio State’s cancer hospital. The slogan for the event {One Goal: End Cancer} really says it all- even if you’ve never been directly affected by cancer, it’s everyone’s responsibility to work to end it.

All four of us, all in flattering spandex 🙂

I work at the hospital, so signed up at the beginning of the year. As part of our new, healthier lifestyle, Mr G decided to join me and signed up shortly thereafter {neverminding the fact that neither of us had ridden a bike in so.many.years}. Mr G’s mom, who has been bike riding for a few years, decided that she wanted to join us and, after volunteering at a pre-ride event, Shannon signed up for the ride just a week in advance.

Last weekend the four of us, along with some amazing supporters, got up at 5:30, donned an alarming amount of spandex and set out for downtown Columbus to begin our ride. Guys, I have to tell you- this event was really, really amazing to be a part of. First of all, gathering with several thousand other people who are all committed to a cause is really inspiring. Really inspiring, though, were the riders whose jerseys were marked ‘Survivor’, as in, they were cancer survivors. Or the riders who had photos of the people they were riding for. Or even the people on the sidelines {and there were people along the sidelines of the entire ride} who were holding posters and shouting their support to us, as we were riding. I know that there are so many charitable causes that people support, but just realizing that cancer is something that affects every person in a community…it was really special, to be working for a cause.

Look at this stud…I get to marry him!

This post is getting incredibly long winded, so I’ll leave you with this photo- it’s Mr G and I, after we finished our portion of the ride {why no, we didn’t make it the entire 18o miles 🙂 }. I think Mr G was pretty concerned that I wouldn’t be able to finish, since I’m not particularly athletic, but he encouraged me the entire way and stuck with me  {although I definitely wouldn’t have made it if Shannon hadn’t been there} and I was so proud of us when we finished.

A little exhausted, but pretty thrilled to have accomplished our goal!

So, that was my weekend. Did you guys do anything interesting last weekend?


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