An Engagement Story

Well, Hive…

I almost started to talk about wedding ring shopping {!!!} when I realized that I’ve never even talked about my engagement ring…or how we became engaged! So, here it is…

As a preface- you should know that everything was completely perfect.  Really, really perfect 🙂

Ok, moving beyond my gushing. My birthday is on New Years Eve and, since we’re own a home large enough to have several people spend the night, Mr G and I usually host a party of sorts. Additionally, one of my best friends, whom I only see once or twice a year, was planning to be in Ohio for the holiday, but she was in Cincinnati, not Columbus, so I planned to drive to Cinci on the morning of the 30th to see her, then come back to Cbus for a NYE party. Mr G knows that I get a little salty when all of the holidays take over and my birthday gets pushed to the side, {not in an awful way, just a little hurt} so he suggested that we do birthday dinner the 29th.  We made that plan on Christmas Eve, and I sort of forgot about it.

On the 29th, Mr G was at home and I was at work. My sister called to ask what we were up to that night and I invited her to go out to dinner, since I was sure that Mr G hadn’t made any crazy birthday plans. She politely declined, and I started to plan my birthday dinner- I was thinking PF Changs. When I got home, though, the house smelled amaaaazing. Mr G told me he had decided to make birthday dinner, and told me to go change out of my work clothes. I suspected absolutely nothing- he’s a pretty good cook, even though he cooks so rarely, and I thought it was sweet.

This was our meal. He made two pasta dishes, chicken parmesan, an epic caprese salad, some bread, chocolate covered strawberries- it was a really impressive spread. Still, I suspected nothing. Mr G asked if I wanted to open my birthday present before or after dinner, and I chose after- I love surprises, and I let myself build a little suspense- Mr G is a pretty amazing gift giver. Still, I suspected nothing.

I ate my dinner, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over everthing- it was delicious- while Mr G cut his food up and pushed it around the plate. After about ten minutes, he asked again if I wanted to open my present, and I agreed, since he was so insistent. Still, I suspected nothing. I opened the nicely wrapped box and found this coach wristlet- so cute!

I admired the wristlet, and set it aside to continue eating. Mr G asked if I wanted to look inside the wristlet and, Hive- I honest-to-God thought that there was a TJ Maxx or Starbucks giftcard tucked inside. I never, ever suspected a ring. I found it, and just sat with it in my hands staring for a second and, when I looked up, there was Mr G all on one knee saying all the proposal things. So. Much. Excitement!!

Afterward, Mr G told me so many other things that made it even better. To start with, how Mr G bought the ring. We had talked about rings, as various friends got engaged, but that was it. So, without consulting any of my friends, moms or sisters {each of whom I had discussed all preferences with!} Mr G happened into a jewelry store as he was Christmas shopping, saw a ring that he liked, and bought it- like a boss 🙂

He had also told every single person in our families and some close friends that he was planning to propose that night, so they didn’t mess it up and not a single person leaked any of the details! {My sister said that she nearly died every time I called or texted her that day.} Also, Mr G said that since he was so nervous, he just kept cooking things all day, until I came home- that was why we ended up with such an expansive meal!

So, sorry for the wordy post, but that was my proposal, and how we began our engagement 🙂 How was everyone else’s proposal- anyone else completely surprised by it? I feel like a lot of people have an idea what’s happening before there is a ring in front of them- did you?

***all photos are personal


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