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An Ode to Mr Gloves

Hive, let me just tell you a little bit about McGlovin.

Image courtesy of Barefeet Studio

First of all, he’s the single nicest person I’ve ever met. Period.

Secondly, he has taken responsibility for a full half of the wedding planning. {When I was buying my wedding dress, I called to make sure that he hadn’t made any unexpected purchases from the wedding account, and my bridal consultant was astounded that he might be permitted to make decisions without me. Hey, man- someone has to hire the DJ, and that was on Mr G’s list, not mine.} The way we see it, this is a wedding to celebrate us, so we need to plan it. {A nod to APW, for reminding us that a wedding is not a surprise party for the groom!} Bam- I only have to plan half of a wedding.

Which brings me to third- McGlovin has an opinion on nearly everything. Very helpful, since he’s making decisions, but it absolutely kills. my. soul.  Especially when it has to do with something like the hemline of the bridesmaid dresses. No, Mr G, I’m not trying to have our ladies look slutty- the dress models are six and a half feet tall! Calm down- the hem will hit their knees, I promise! But it is awesome when it comes to deciding cake flavors- I couldn’t care less, but McGlovin will be happy to make the call.

Forth, and completely random- he absolutely dies at the idea of lotion, or lotion-like substances. Allegedly, when Mr G was but a wee Italian {with surprisingly fair skin} his mom tried to rub sunscreen on him, and he vommed all over her. Since then he has absolutely no tolerance for lotion-y substances including, but not limited to, the sight of lotion {if anything is left on my skin, not rubbed in, he dies}, the sound of lotion {image a *splak* sound when you squeeze it out, or rub between your hands}, the smell of lotion, or the feel of lotion. If he touches my skin and detects a hint of the stuff, he has to wash his hands {with a gel soap, not a creamy soap}. This phobia extends from lotion to creamy soap, as mentioned, as well as sun screen {we use the spray kind}, aloe vera gel {unfortunate, since I sunburn at the mere thought of sun}, creamy makeup, like foundation, and any hair product that isn’t directly sprayed into your hair. It makes getting ready to go out really easy, I swear 🙂

So, tell me something about your significant other. Does anyone else have someone who splits the planning responsibility? What about odd phobias or personality traits? And, really- can anyone else be that opposed to lotion?


Wedding Planning Resources

Hive, we are closing in on the hundred day mark, and I’ve just been thinking about some of the most important resources that helped me getting started planning our wedding. So, for anyone out there who is newly engaged, here are a few resources that I would {and have} recommended:

Image courtesy of

1.  A Practical Wedding, by Meg Keene. I’m going on my fourth reading of this book, and it’s really helped to talk me down off the ledge more than once. I am constantly reading it to remind myself that there are certain things that will make our day perfect, and customized napkins are not one of those things. Even though they’re adorable. And on a super sale. And really wants me to have them.

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2.  The Wedding Book: the Big Book for Your Big Day, by Mindy Weiss. Now, this book includes certain phrases like, “You’ll want to host a luncheon for your bridesmaids…” that make my skin crawl because, honestly Mindy, how the hell do you know I’ll want to do? I hate the word luncheon, so it’s unlikely that I’ll want to host one. On the other hand, this book was the only one of about two dozen that I read at Barnes and Nobel that was actually useful in providing wedding planning advice when I first got engaged. It goes through the entire planning process and wedding day, and I had such a better grasp on all the planning I would need to do after reading this book.

3. Come on, Hive- you know this is one of the most useful places to work on wedding planning. What an amazing resource of women who are all giving feedback, advice, and support to other brides-to-be! I’ve actually been reading this website for about three years, and I’m not ashamed. I knew that I would be getting married some time, so why wait to start doing research?

4. This was an absolute Godsend for finding vendors. I seriously read every single review for ever single photographer in the greater Columbus area, as well as many DJ, reception venue and cake baker reviews. Amazingly helpful.

5.  Wedding Expos. I went to two or three expos with bridesmaids, with my parents and with Mr G and, even though I hate crowds and fought claustrophobia every time, they provided a ton of information. In fact, I almost preferred the ones with huge crowds, because I wouldn’t get sucked in by the vendors- I could grab their materials and peruse at my leisure, rather than having to listen to their spiel. They were overwhelming, yes, but a great source of information on local vendors.

So, there you have it. The five resources that I’ve felt are most helpful in planning our wedding. Pinterest isn’t mentioned because I’m undecided on Pinterest- it sucks up hours of time and gives me these amazing ideas….but then I’m bogged down with amazing ideas and I feel like I need to do each and every one of them, or I’m a wedding failure. So.

Anyone else have any awesome resources that they want to recommend, or give a shout out to?

Does it overwhelm my hand?

Hive- this post has terrible quality photos, which were taken by my cell phone with the light of one lamp last night. For that, I do apologize. But…this is hilarious, I think, so I thought I would share.

I showed you my rings yesterday and, let’s be real- I wear my wedding band around the house occasionally. It’s blingy, and I like to look at it, and…so I sometimes try it on. Sort of normal, right? Well, last night I came home after my classes at nine and found McGlovin, sitting on our bed staring at his hand, with his wedding band on. When I asked him what his deal was, he said that he was just making sure that his ring ‘didn’t overwhelm his hand’. After I stopped laughing, he explained:

{Paraphrasing} From the front, with my hand slightly curved, it looks like a normal ring on a normal hand.


But, when my fingers are straight, it might look too big?


And, when you look at my palm, it makes my hand look so small!

Umm…yes. This was a hilarious line of thought. McGlovin is a firefighter and has extremely strong hands- it’s one of my favorite features about him! I don’t think anything could make his hands look small. He did choose the widest band he could find {I think it’s 8mm?} but he  spent some serious time picking it out- I never would have guessed that he was second guessing his choice! After some consideration last night, he reassured me that he really did like it- he just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t ‘too much’ 🙂

I never, ever would have guessed that Mr G would be finicky about his ring- was anyone else surprised by their fiance’s reaction to their own ring?

All the rings!


First, let me apologize for being notably absent- so much LIFE has taken place this past month, and I’ve barely had time to sleep, much less chronicle my lack of wedding progress 🙂

Secondly, let’s talk about rings. When we last spoke, I shared the store of how McGlovin and I became engaged, and showed this less-than-artistic cell phone picture of my amazing engagement ring.

All beautiful, in its halo-y goodness!



Welp, Mr G and I have been out shopping a few times for wedding bands, so I have another ring to show you:

Diamond band, not eternity, with pretty milgrain edges

Ahh- it’s my wedding band. The one that will be placed on my hand when we say some vows, and I’ll wear it forever. Pretty much, I’m in love. And was even more in love when the sales girl suggested that another, matching band might be a nice anniversary or first baby present {though I was completely disgusted when she actually uttered the phrase ‘push present’. What an incredibly unsettling term.}. So, those are my rings!

But wait- there’s more!

The first ring McGlovin ever bought for me!

I also wear a Claddagh ring. A Claddagh ring is a ring worn by lots of Irish girls, and lots of girls that went to the University of Dayton, as I did. The way that you wear it usually shows your relationship status: right hand, heart out means you’re single; right hand, heart in means you’re dating; left hand, heart out means you’re engaged; and left hand heart in means you’re married- it is my understanding that it was pretty handy for the young men who also attended the University of Dayton. When McGlovin and I had that awkward, “PS you’re my girlfriend now” talk, he also gave me a Claddagh ring. Say what you want, but I think it was completely adorable!

I guess in Ireland, girls actually wear them as their engagement and wedding rings. I love my heritage, but that wasn’t really something I am interested in {as you can see by the purchase of my two other rings}. For now, I’ve been wearing my engagement ring on my right hand and the Claddagh on my left, heart pointed out {as tradition dictates}. I’m still trying to decide about the arrangement on our wedding day, though- don’t brides usually wear their engagement ring on their right hand {day of}, so the wedding band can go on their left hand, and then they move the e-ring over after the ceremony? I’m kind of thinking e-ring on my left hand, Claddagh on my right, and the wedding band will just  need to be switched after the ceremony.

All three pretty rings 🙂

Any other Claddagh wearers? What did you all do for the wedding day? Or, for that matter, for the entire engagement and afterwards? Where are you wearing your c-ring now?

**All photos are, unfortunately, courtesy of my cell phone