Does it overwhelm my hand?

Hive- this post has terrible quality photos, which were taken by my cell phone with the light of one lamp last night. For that, I do apologize. But…this is hilarious, I think, so I thought I would share.

I showed you my rings yesterday and, let’s be real- I wear my wedding band around the house occasionally. It’s blingy, and I like to look at it, and…so I sometimes try it on. Sort of normal, right? Well, last night I came home after my classes at nine and found McGlovin, sitting on our bed staring at his hand, with his wedding band on. When I asked him what his deal was, he said that he was just making sure that his ring ‘didn’t overwhelm his hand’. After I stopped laughing, he explained:

{Paraphrasing} From the front, with my hand slightly curved, it looks like a normal ring on a normal hand.


But, when my fingers are straight, it might look too big?


And, when you look at my palm, it makes my hand look so small!

Umm…yes. This was a hilarious line of thought. McGlovin is a firefighter and has extremely strong hands- it’s one of my favorite features about him! I don’t think anything could make his hands look small. He did choose the widest band he could find {I think it’s 8mm?} but he  spent some serious time picking it out- I never would have guessed that he was second guessing his choice! After some consideration last night, he reassured me that he really did like it- he just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t ‘too much’ 🙂

I never, ever would have guessed that Mr G would be finicky about his ring- was anyone else surprised by their fiance’s reaction to their own ring?


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