Wedding Planning Resources

Hive, we are closing in on the hundred day mark, and I’ve just been thinking about some of the most important resources that helped me getting started planning our wedding. So, for anyone out there who is newly engaged, here are a few resources that I would {and have} recommended:

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1.  A Practical Wedding, by Meg Keene. I’m going on my fourth reading of this book, and it’s really helped to talk me down off the ledge more than once. I am constantly reading it to remind myself that there are certain things that will make our day perfect, and customized napkins are not one of those things. Even though they’re adorable. And on a super sale. And really wants me to have them.

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2.  The Wedding Book: the Big Book for Your Big Day, by Mindy Weiss. Now, this book includes certain phrases like, “You’ll want to host a luncheon for your bridesmaids…” that make my skin crawl because, honestly Mindy, how the hell do you know I’ll want to do? I hate the word luncheon, so it’s unlikely that I’ll want to host one. On the other hand, this book was the only one of about two dozen that I read at Barnes and Nobel that was actually useful in providing wedding planning advice when I first got engaged. It goes through the entire planning process and wedding day, and I had such a better grasp on all the planning I would need to do after reading this book.

3. Come on, Hive- you know this is one of the most useful places to work on wedding planning. What an amazing resource of women who are all giving feedback, advice, and support to other brides-to-be! I’ve actually been reading this website for about three years, and I’m not ashamed. I knew that I would be getting married some time, so why wait to start doing research?

4. This was an absolute Godsend for finding vendors. I seriously read every single review for ever single photographer in the greater Columbus area, as well as many DJ, reception venue and cake baker reviews. Amazingly helpful.

5.  Wedding Expos. I went to two or three expos with bridesmaids, with my parents and with Mr G and, even though I hate crowds and fought claustrophobia every time, they provided a ton of information. In fact, I almost preferred the ones with huge crowds, because I wouldn’t get sucked in by the vendors- I could grab their materials and peruse at my leisure, rather than having to listen to their spiel. They were overwhelming, yes, but a great source of information on local vendors.

So, there you have it. The five resources that I’ve felt are most helpful in planning our wedding. Pinterest isn’t mentioned because I’m undecided on Pinterest- it sucks up hours of time and gives me these amazing ideas….but then I’m bogged down with amazing ideas and I feel like I need to do each and every one of them, or I’m a wedding failure. So.

Anyone else have any awesome resources that they want to recommend, or give a shout out to?


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