An Ode to Mr Gloves

Hive, let me just tell you a little bit about McGlovin.

Image courtesy of Barefeet Studio

First of all, he’s the single nicest person I’ve ever met. Period.

Secondly, he has taken responsibility for a full half of the wedding planning. {When I was buying my wedding dress, I called to make sure that he hadn’t made any unexpected purchases from the wedding account, and my bridal consultant was astounded that he might be permitted to make decisions without me. Hey, man- someone has to hire the DJ, and that was on Mr G’s list, not mine.} The way we see it, this is a wedding to celebrate us, so we need to plan it. {A nod to APW, for reminding us that a wedding is not a surprise party for the groom!} Bam- I only have to plan half of a wedding.

Which brings me to third- McGlovin has an opinion on nearly everything. Very helpful, since he’s making decisions, but it absolutely kills. my. soul.  Especially when it has to do with something like the hemline of the bridesmaid dresses. No, Mr G, I’m not trying to have our ladies look slutty- the dress models are six and a half feet tall! Calm down- the hem will hit their knees, I promise! But it is awesome when it comes to deciding cake flavors- I couldn’t care less, but McGlovin will be happy to make the call.

Forth, and completely random- he absolutely dies at the idea of lotion, or lotion-like substances. Allegedly, when Mr G was but a wee Italian {with surprisingly fair skin} his mom tried to rub sunscreen on him, and he vommed all over her. Since then he has absolutely no tolerance for lotion-y substances including, but not limited to, the sight of lotion {if anything is left on my skin, not rubbed in, he dies}, the sound of lotion {image a *splak* sound when you squeeze it out, or rub between your hands}, the smell of lotion, or the feel of lotion. If he touches my skin and detects a hint of the stuff, he has to wash his hands {with a gel soap, not a creamy soap}. This phobia extends from lotion to creamy soap, as mentioned, as well as sun screen {we use the spray kind}, aloe vera gel {unfortunate, since I sunburn at the mere thought of sun}, creamy makeup, like foundation, and any hair product that isn’t directly sprayed into your hair. It makes getting ready to go out really easy, I swear 🙂

So, tell me something about your significant other. Does anyone else have someone who splits the planning responsibility? What about odd phobias or personality traits? And, really- can anyone else be that opposed to lotion?


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