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A Halloweeniversary!

Happy Halloween, Hive! Today officially marks McGlovin and my fourth anniversary of being inseperable. And, come to think of it, our seventh anniversary of meeting 🙂

Original Facebook caption: Nina and me and…her two friends, one of whom is named McGlovin, I think.

As I’m sure I’ve explained briefly before, McGlovin and I were introduced to one another by a mutual friend on Halloween of our freshman year in college- I was getting ready in her dorm, and he was was hanging around with some friends. Most of that night is a blur {I don’t want to talk about it, but it was probably the second time in my life that I ingested alcohol} but legend has it that McGlovin and his friend tried to encourage my friend Nina and I to return to our dorm earlier than we were prepared to and we were very indignant {and also perhaps slurring to the point of being incomprehensible…oops!}. We clearly did not make great impressions on one another that time 🙂

We probably ran into each other a half a dozen times or so over the course of the next three years, but it was Halloween senior year when, out of the blue, we clicked. I was looking for a friend at a party when he materialized next to me and gave me a big hug. The next day, I called my sister and told her I was going to marry him- and here I am!

This pic, courtesy of Barefeet Studio, describes our relationship more accurately than I could ever hope to using words.

McGlovin and I have had such a ridiculously blessed four years! We’ve supported each other through thesis writing, student teaching, minimum wage jobs, family tragedies, full time work and full time school, simultaneously- we’ve had a crazy few years!  We’ve lived in two apartments {and his mom’s basement for a minute!} and purchased a house, and then renovated it. We’ve acquired a tiny little Howie dog who, even though we’ve only had him a few weeks, makes our house feel more like a family home. And now we’re engaged, celebrating a four year dating anniversary, and about to be married in two short months. How insane is all that? I could not possibly ask for more out of my life, and feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to spend the past four amazing years and, God willing, the next sixty years, of my life with McGlovin. Love you, boo!


Finally, A Favor Decision

Oh hey, Hive! Excellent news- McGlovin and I have finally settled on a favor!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never attended a wedding with a really magnificent or memorable favor. Actually, I take that back- I have a pretty recognizable Irish last name, which is the namesake of a number of Irish pubs and a beer brand, and one of my cousins ordered pint glasses with our name on them. It was awesome, and I collected a half dozen glasses at his wedding. But doesn’t that just tell you that there were five other people who weren’t interested? Because, after all, who really wants a gift that’s branded with someone else’s name?

But, for some reason, people still expect you to have favors at your wedding! {Not, like, the guests, I don’t think- more like, my mother 🙂 } Several of my friends have done edible favors {cookies, candy bars, etc} at their weddings, and it really seems like the best way to go. McGlovin and I agreed, when we first discussed it, that we would do cookies or something, and we left it at that. The idea evolved into biscotti, or chocolate covered pretzels, but we were really just naming snacks- we never actually made a decision.

Enter, my wedding shower {which I will share with you sometime this week}. One of the guests gave me a pizzelle press, which I could not wait to use. And, as I was making pizzelle over the weekend, McGlovin and I realized that it’s the perfect favor! It’s Italian {theme of my life, and the reception}, they are so easy to make, they’re not too sweet, so everyone likes them, and we’ll have them at everyone’s place setting, so people can munch during the speeches or while they’re waiting for food!

Since this post is so word heavy, and some people probably have no idea what a pizzelle is, allow me to show you:

This is my pizzelle press- brand spanking new!

These are some pizzelle which have been cooking for between 30-45 seconds.

Here is a stack of pizzelle which took me less than 5 minutes to amass {once the dough was prepared}.

And here are the perfectly packaged pizzelle, ready for guest consumption at our wedding! {I’m thinking that we’ll add a sticker, possibly with each person’s name, to use as a place card?}

So, what do you think? What is anyone else doing for favors- edible or inedible? Also, how do you feel about pizzelle {in case you wondered, we’re only doing vanilla flavored, since so many people are opposed to the more traditional anise 🙂 }

***All photos are personal

A New Addition…

Exciting news, Hive…McGlovin and I have a new addition to the family! Meet Howard Winston III:

Isn’t he adorable?? We’ve been considering getting a dog for a while, and had pretty much decided to wait until after the wedding, because house breaking a dog in the last few months of planning seemed ridiculous. Well…my dad called on Friday, and knew someone that was trying to get rid of a puppy before they left for vacation on Monday. My sister and I drove up Friday night, and…now we have a Howie!

Howie was completely adorable all weekend! Aside from waking us up at 4:00 this morning, because he was sure it was play time, we’re completely in love! We probably would have preferred to get him in about three months, because of all the wedding stuff going on now, but then we would have missed out on a perfect pup 🙂

Too cute to handle, playing with McGlovin

What about you, Hive- is anyone else making some major lifestyle changes, intentional or not, just before the wedding? Is it adding stress to your planning, or are you just going with it? And…I mean, come on- how cute is Howard?

The Place Where We Will Be Wed

Hive! I almost started to write about our musical selection for our ceremony, when I realized- I’ve never talked about where McGlovin and I are getting married! So-

I was born and raised Catholic, went to a Catholic school and, although I don’t always agree with everything the Church says, I actually really like going to mass- no matter where I am in the world, it makes me feel like home 🙂

Any cheesiness aside, the first thing I do when I’m somewhere new for any length of time is find a church to attend. When I moved to Columbus a few years ago, I tried out a few and ended up liking the Cathedral best. When McGlovin proposed, it was a foregone conclusion that we would get married here {where we live} rather than in my hometown,  and I knew that the Cathedral is where I wanted to get married. Take a look…

Photo Credit: Todd Pellowe

Photo Credit: Melee Photography

Squee! I’m really thrilled to be getting married here! The church is gorgeous, and as soon as McGlovin mentioned wearing a tux and getting formal…I knew my church was perfect 🙂 What do you think?

McGlovin accomplishes ALL THE THINGS

Hive, two more important things have been accomplished by McGlovin this week: he finally asked his friends to be ushers, and he chose the men’s attire. Yesssss…

The usher selection is a minor accomplishment- there were three guys that he had to cut from his groomsmen list, due to sizing issues, and so we knew that we would ask them to be ushers. It just took six extra months to have that communication with them. So…check. mark.

The menswear, though, is a huge success! When we first started planning, I had this image of a fall wedding {crazy beautiful} with guys in charcoal suits and other yummy goodness. McGlovin had a very traditional, black tie wedding in mind, tuxes and everything {he said the next time he could wear a tux was…never…so he wanted to dress up}. When we looked at dates, we realized that a winter wedding would work out best, and I started warming to the idea of a more formal wedding. Even so, I was still thinking grey suits to go with the ladies’ black dresses…so pretty, right?

Photo Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs Photo by KMI Photography

Then, I started to love everyone in black…a few people tried to suggest that it would look like a funeral, but I think it looks amazing. But, I was still stuck on suits. For one thing, I feel like tuxes always remind me of prom, and no one wants their wedding to be prom. But, moreover- some suit stores are always running those buy one, get two free deals, and the guys in our party are all suit wearers, so if we could get everyone a great deal on a new suit, why wouldn’t we?

Photo Source:, Photo by Versluis Photography

But then we actually went to a few stores. The suit deals weren’t really that great, except for one place. But, when we went in….it was truly the worst customer service ever. We explained that we wanted to potentially buy eight or ten suits, which you would think is a sales incentive, and the sales guy could not have cared less.  We expressed a few preferences {easy things, like flat front pants and side vented jacket} and he just stared at us. Even though it was a store full of suits, he took us over to the computer, because it was ‘easier to choose preferences on a screen’. Uh….ok?

When McGlovin asked to see a jacket that we were being shown on a computer screen, the sales guy flounced up and HAD TO PUT HIS SHOES BACK ON {don’t worry, he explained that his feet were just really sore…disgust} and brought a jacket back over. McGlovin took it and asked where the mirrors are, and the guy seriously said, “Oh, we’re trying it on?” Um, yeah, asshat, we’re going to try on a jacket before we purchase ten of them, if that’s okay with you? And then I left, because I truly have no patience for people who are potential recipients of my dollars, but could not care less about customer satisfaction.

From Mens Wearhouse {but with regular tie}

Anyway, to get to the end of this long story, we ended the day at Men’s Wearhouse. They showed us their tuxes and told us that, once we gave the groomsmen our group number, everything would be handled. Great- all I want right now is prettiness and simplicity. McGlovin selected an incredibly dapper Calvin Klein number {two buttons, flat slacks, vested with a European tie, in case you’re interested}, put down a deposit, and we were on our way. I cannot believe that we wasted so much time, when the tux option was so simple!

How was your search for men’s clothing? I’ve heard, from more than one person, it’s almost worse that finding your dress! What do you think?

Shoe Dilemma, Part Deux

Right, so, Hive.  After much contemplation on the shoes, I think I’m down to three-to-five options.  Uglll…I want them all!

From Zappos

Glitter! And bows! Eighteen year old me loves everything about this shoe 🙂

From Zappos

Guys, this one is a super serious contender- the soft bow is so romantic and pretty…

From DSW

If I decide to go with a black shoe, this is it. I love the bow on toe, and the open instep.


This was my first shoe love…I pinned it six months ago, and I still love it.

From Zappos

Sames. Love me some Badgley’s.

Here’s the thing, though- part of the reason that I’m having a hard time choosing shoes is because I can’t settle on a color. I can’t settle on a color for two reasons: a) our wedding is a mostly black and white theme, with hits of peacock blue and b) I want to dye my crinoline. {I know if I just stopped at ‘a’ we could all agree that one of the Badgley’s would win, either the feathers or the brooches, but no…we have a ‘b’ to consider a well.} Here’s what I’m getting at with the dying idea:

Mrs Funnel Cake‘s encouragement pushed me over the edge 🙂

As a reminder, my dress looks like this…

Personal photo!

…but it takes a lot of crinoline to make it that fluffy- and I love it that fluffy.  When I tried it on at my first fitting, with a crinoline, it seemed a little…weak. So, I’m kind of considering two crinolines {my family owns about four, I think, due to various cotillions and things in high school.} Why does this matter? Well, if I had a just white crinoline, I could wear the blue shoes and be fine- it would be a lovely pop of color. If I dye my crinoline, I would die it a dark peacock blue, and then wouldn’t need colors shoes. If I wore two crinolines, I could wear the white one on the bottom again, so I could still have blue shoes…

Also, not that it matters, {or does it?} but my bridesmaids are wearing various black heels.

Hive, help me out- what to do about the crinoline situation- one? Two? Dye or not to dye? Colored shoes, or black like the maids, or glittery silver? What combination do you recommend?

All the Shoes!

Hive, if you can even believe it…we’ve passed our hundred day mark!! Right? Double digits, and I feel like there is so, so much to be done! So, on to one of the most pressing issues of the day…

….shoes. If you know me, I’m a shoe person. Coming in at a solid five feet two inches, I’ve been wearing heels since I was eight {no joke, my first communion pic shows me in tiny, one inch heels and suntan pantyhose- it was pretty scandalous, back in the day}. My regular, everyday shoe varies between three and a half and four and a half inches, and those are usually in stilettos {I guess I occasionally rock a wedge}. When we ordered my wedding dress, the consultant suggested that if I wore a three inch heel, we could avoid altering the hem, and I was a little concerned- three inches may as well be flats, right?

All joking aside, I love heels, I regularly wear them for eight or nine hours on end, and I very rarely complain that they’re uncomfortable—I’m just used to them, and I always break them in. I have troublesome knees, and they actually hurt if I wear flats for too long. I’ve known since the beginning that I would want a fabulous wedding shoe, but now…I’m a little stuck. I don’t know what direction to go. Let’s take a look:

From Zappos

From Zappos

From Zappos

First, we have the glitter shoe. I absolutely love the idea of the glitter shoe- it’s bright, happy and sparkly! A few concerns- glitter just reminds me of the time that I was a high school cheerleaders, so it kind of feels a bit childish. Also, glitter around the toe box, in the peep toes, carried the possibility of touching your skin and being amazingly uncomfortable. So.


From Zappos

From DSW

From Zappos

From Zappos

From Zappos

Next we have the embellished shoe. Whether it’s a broach on the toe, a variance in color or a little bit of texture, I like that the embellished shoe offers a little visual interest. On the other hand…I also feel like some of these could be my every day shoe, which makes it feel less ‘wedding special’. On the other, other hand…does everything need to be ‘wedding special’?

From Zappos

From Zappos

From Zappos

From DSW

From Saks

From DSW

From DSW

From Zappos

And next….the bows. Hive, I die for a shoe with a bow right now. Is it a very passing trend? Probably, but I still love it so much! Bows are incredibly fun, will look good in the pictures, and are very likely to never appear on any of my everyday shoes. For some reason, the bows make me feel extra dressed up.

From Zappos

From Zappos

From Zappos

And finally we have the blue shoes. Now, some of the blue shoes feature aspects from the previous catagories, but…ever since SATC, I feel like I just need blue shoes. Well, that and the fact that I have no idea what other color I would choose. Since our wedding colors are black and white, and no one will likely see my shoes, I can choose just about any color I want- right? Which is a problem, because I can’t seem to settle on anything.

So, what say you, Hive? Any favorites? Any that you hate? Help narrow down my options, or at least let me know what you would wear!