Shoe Dilemma, Part Deux

Right, so, Hive.  After much contemplation on the shoes, I think I’m down to three-to-five options.  Uglll…I want them all!

From Zappos

Glitter! And bows! Eighteen year old me loves everything about this shoe 🙂

From Zappos

Guys, this one is a super serious contender- the soft bow is so romantic and pretty…

From DSW

If I decide to go with a black shoe, this is it. I love the bow on toe, and the open instep.


This was my first shoe love…I pinned it six months ago, and I still love it.

From Zappos

Sames. Love me some Badgley’s.

Here’s the thing, though- part of the reason that I’m having a hard time choosing shoes is because I can’t settle on a color. I can’t settle on a color for two reasons: a) our wedding is a mostly black and white theme, with hits of peacock blue and b) I want to dye my crinoline. {I know if I just stopped at ‘a’ we could all agree that one of the Badgley’s would win, either the feathers or the brooches, but no…we have a ‘b’ to consider a well.} Here’s what I’m getting at with the dying idea:

Mrs Funnel Cake‘s encouragement pushed me over the edge 🙂

As a reminder, my dress looks like this…

Personal photo!

…but it takes a lot of crinoline to make it that fluffy- and I love it that fluffy.  When I tried it on at my first fitting, with a crinoline, it seemed a little…weak. So, I’m kind of considering two crinolines {my family owns about four, I think, due to various cotillions and things in high school.} Why does this matter? Well, if I had a just white crinoline, I could wear the blue shoes and be fine- it would be a lovely pop of color. If I dye my crinoline, I would die it a dark peacock blue, and then wouldn’t need colors shoes. If I wore two crinolines, I could wear the white one on the bottom again, so I could still have blue shoes…

Also, not that it matters, {or does it?} but my bridesmaids are wearing various black heels.

Hive, help me out- what to do about the crinoline situation- one? Two? Dye or not to dye? Colored shoes, or black like the maids, or glittery silver? What combination do you recommend?


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