McGlovin accomplishes ALL THE THINGS

Hive, two more important things have been accomplished by McGlovin this week: he finally asked his friends to be ushers, and he chose the men’s attire. Yesssss…

The usher selection is a minor accomplishment- there were three guys that he had to cut from his groomsmen list, due to sizing issues, and so we knew that we would ask them to be ushers. It just took six extra months to have that communication with them. So…check. mark.

The menswear, though, is a huge success! When we first started planning, I had this image of a fall wedding {crazy beautiful} with guys in charcoal suits and other yummy goodness. McGlovin had a very traditional, black tie wedding in mind, tuxes and everything {he said the next time he could wear a tux was…never…so he wanted to dress up}. When we looked at dates, we realized that a winter wedding would work out best, and I started warming to the idea of a more formal wedding. Even so, I was still thinking grey suits to go with the ladies’ black dresses…so pretty, right?

Photo Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs Photo by KMI Photography

Then, I started to love everyone in black…a few people tried to suggest that it would look like a funeral, but I think it looks amazing. But, I was still stuck on suits. For one thing, I feel like tuxes always remind me of prom, and no one wants their wedding to be prom. But, moreover- some suit stores are always running those buy one, get two free deals, and the guys in our party are all suit wearers, so if we could get everyone a great deal on a new suit, why wouldn’t we?

Photo Source:, Photo by Versluis Photography

But then we actually went to a few stores. The suit deals weren’t really that great, except for one place. But, when we went in….it was truly the worst customer service ever. We explained that we wanted to potentially buy eight or ten suits, which you would think is a sales incentive, and the sales guy could not have cared less.  We expressed a few preferences {easy things, like flat front pants and side vented jacket} and he just stared at us. Even though it was a store full of suits, he took us over to the computer, because it was ‘easier to choose preferences on a screen’. Uh….ok?

When McGlovin asked to see a jacket that we were being shown on a computer screen, the sales guy flounced up and HAD TO PUT HIS SHOES BACK ON {don’t worry, he explained that his feet were just really sore…disgust} and brought a jacket back over. McGlovin took it and asked where the mirrors are, and the guy seriously said, “Oh, we’re trying it on?” Um, yeah, asshat, we’re going to try on a jacket before we purchase ten of them, if that’s okay with you? And then I left, because I truly have no patience for people who are potential recipients of my dollars, but could not care less about customer satisfaction.

From Mens Wearhouse {but with regular tie}

Anyway, to get to the end of this long story, we ended the day at Men’s Wearhouse. They showed us their tuxes and told us that, once we gave the groomsmen our group number, everything would be handled. Great- all I want right now is prettiness and simplicity. McGlovin selected an incredibly dapper Calvin Klein number {two buttons, flat slacks, vested with a European tie, in case you’re interested}, put down a deposit, and we were on our way. I cannot believe that we wasted so much time, when the tux option was so simple!

How was your search for men’s clothing? I’ve heard, from more than one person, it’s almost worse that finding your dress! What do you think?


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