A New Addition…

Exciting news, Hive…McGlovin and I have a new addition to the family! Meet Howard Winston III:

Isn’t he adorable?? We’ve been considering getting a dog for a while, and had pretty much decided to wait until after the wedding, because house breaking a dog in the last few months of planning seemed ridiculous. Well…my dad called on Friday, and knew someone that was trying to get rid of a puppy before they left for vacation on Monday. My sister and I drove up Friday night, and…now we have a Howie!

Howie was completely adorable all weekend! Aside from waking us up at 4:00 this morning, because he was sure it was play time, we’re completely in love! We probably would have preferred to get him in about three months, because of all the wedding stuff going on now, but then we would have missed out on a perfect pup 🙂

Too cute to handle, playing with McGlovin

What about you, Hive- is anyone else making some major lifestyle changes, intentional or not, just before the wedding? Is it adding stress to your planning, or are you just going with it? And…I mean, come on- how cute is Howard?


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