Finally, A Favor Decision

Oh hey, Hive! Excellent news- McGlovin and I have finally settled on a favor!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never attended a wedding with a really magnificent or memorable favor. Actually, I take that back- I have a pretty recognizable Irish last name, which is the namesake of a number of Irish pubs and a beer brand, and one of my cousins ordered pint glasses with our name on them. It was awesome, and I collected a half dozen glasses at his wedding. But doesn’t that just tell you that there were five other people who weren’t interested? Because, after all, who really wants a gift that’s branded with someone else’s name?

But, for some reason, people still expect you to have favors at your wedding! {Not, like, the guests, I don’t think- more like, my mother 🙂 } Several of my friends have done edible favors {cookies, candy bars, etc} at their weddings, and it really seems like the best way to go. McGlovin and I agreed, when we first discussed it, that we would do cookies or something, and we left it at that. The idea evolved into biscotti, or chocolate covered pretzels, but we were really just naming snacks- we never actually made a decision.

Enter, my wedding shower {which I will share with you sometime this week}. One of the guests gave me a pizzelle press, which I could not wait to use. And, as I was making pizzelle over the weekend, McGlovin and I realized that it’s the perfect favor! It’s Italian {theme of my life, and the reception}, they are so easy to make, they’re not too sweet, so everyone likes them, and we’ll have them at everyone’s place setting, so people can munch during the speeches or while they’re waiting for food!

Since this post is so word heavy, and some people probably have no idea what a pizzelle is, allow me to show you:

This is my pizzelle press- brand spanking new!

These are some pizzelle which have been cooking for between 30-45 seconds.

Here is a stack of pizzelle which took me less than 5 minutes to amass {once the dough was prepared}.

And here are the perfectly packaged pizzelle, ready for guest consumption at our wedding! {I’m thinking that we’ll add a sticker, possibly with each person’s name, to use as a place card?}

So, what do you think? What is anyone else doing for favors- edible or inedible? Also, how do you feel about pizzelle {in case you wondered, we’re only doing vanilla flavored, since so many people are opposed to the more traditional anise 🙂 }

***All photos are personal


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