A Halloweeniversary!

Happy Halloween, Hive! Today officially marks McGlovin and my fourth anniversary of being inseperable. And, come to think of it, our seventh anniversary of meeting 🙂

Original Facebook caption: Nina and me and…her two friends, one of whom is named McGlovin, I think.

As I’m sure I’ve explained briefly before, McGlovin and I were introduced to one another by a mutual friend on Halloween of our freshman year in college- I was getting ready in her dorm, and he was was hanging around with some friends. Most of that night is a blur {I don’t want to talk about it, but it was probably the second time in my life that I ingested alcohol} but legend has it that McGlovin and his friend tried to encourage my friend Nina and I to return to our dorm earlier than we were prepared to and we were very indignant {and also perhaps slurring to the point of being incomprehensible…oops!}. We clearly did not make great impressions on one another that time 🙂

We probably ran into each other a half a dozen times or so over the course of the next three years, but it was Halloween senior year when, out of the blue, we clicked. I was looking for a friend at a party when he materialized next to me and gave me a big hug. The next day, I called my sister and told her I was going to marry him- and here I am!

This pic, courtesy of Barefeet Studio, describes our relationship more accurately than I could ever hope to using words.

McGlovin and I have had such a ridiculously blessed four years! We’ve supported each other through thesis writing, student teaching, minimum wage jobs, family tragedies, full time work and full time school, simultaneously- we’ve had a crazy few years!  We’ve lived in two apartments {and his mom’s basement for a minute!} and purchased a house, and then renovated it. We’ve acquired a tiny little Howie dog who, even though we’ve only had him a few weeks, makes our house feel more like a family home. And now we’re engaged, celebrating a four year dating anniversary, and about to be married in two short months. How insane is all that? I could not possibly ask for more out of my life, and feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to spend the past four amazing years and, God willing, the next sixty years, of my life with McGlovin. Love you, boo!


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