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Invites Revealed!

We sent out our invitations early last week, and the RSVPs have been trickling in, so I think it’s time to share them with the Hive! As you may recall, McGlovin talked me into a VistaPrint invitation suite while we were still over six months from our wedding and…it was an amazing decision. I would have loved to have had letterpress invites that were glorious and thick and lovely, but there was really no justification for it. I would much rather take the money we saved and throw it at our booze fund 🙂

Anyway, so, let’s walk through the invitation suite. You open your mailbox to find this super fun piece of mail:

You tear open the envelope in an excited frenzy, ruining all of my painstaking addressing, to find this pocket-fold envelope with all of the information you’ve ever wanted:

Our RSVP cards actually took a good deal of thought. We thought about doing some sarcastic/witty responses, but my dad wasn’t really feeling it- he asked me if I really needed to be snarky about my wedding day 🙂 So we went with a more traditional wording, and elicited a note as well as a song request. On the back, we definitely included a QR code- I have watched McGlovin ingore many an rsvp card until the day after it was requested back, so I wanted to make RSVPing as painless as possible {because, you know, the SELF ADDRESSED pre-STAMPED ENVELOPE I included isn’t quite easy enough 🙂 }

Now the invitation without the RSVP cluttering things up:

We wanted a formal looking invite with a little fun thrown in, which resulted in one of my favorite details:

Then we have some enclosures: an accommodations card, and the reception invitation. These are pretty basic:

And finally, on the back of the accommodations card we included a schedule of events {mostly, I just wanted to warn everyone that there will be a gap between the ceremony and the reception. McGlovin and I are occasionally ambushed by the gap, which is only frustrating because then, inevitably, hangry sets in and no one is prepared with any snacks :)}

So, those are our invitations. Vista Print provided the design for the actual invite, the RSVP card, and the reception card. I designed and printed the accommodations/itinerary card from my desktop, and Mama Gloves and I hand crafted the pocketfold envelopes. As invitations go, they were pretty economical- with our Groupon, we spent about $120 dollars on the invites, the pocketfolds, the enclosures and the outer envelopes. We also spent many hours in front of HIMYM while we worked on them over the course of six weeks or so. Overall, I think the project turned out pretty well- they aren’t the most amazing invitations I’ve ever seen, by any means, but they were cute and affordable and didn’t cause too much stress, so it’s a win in the Gloves’ book!

Oh! And my sample invite- it’s made out to Mickey and Minnie. Like a few Bees before me, I sent out a number of VIP invitations. If you’re interested, here are the addresses:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Cinderella and Prince Charming
The Magic Kingdom
1675 N Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Pope Benedictus XVI
Prefettura della Casa Pontifica
00210 Citta del Vaticano, Italia

Governor and Mrs. John Kasich
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6117

The President & First Lady
The White House
Greetings Office, Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20502

So, what do you think? Did you send any invites to the VIPs? Also, did anyone else go the partial DIY route? If so, how did they turn out?


We Picked a Menu…and It’s Awesome!

Hive! I’ve been kind of a terrible blogger- McGlovin and I did our final catering tasting, and do not have any pictures to show for it. To be fair- I took many, many food pics, but my phone chose to save them as grey squares, rather than actual images. Sorry, Hive. For the time being, maybe a photo of engagement dinner will suffice?

Anyway, about dinner- McGlovin and I placed a huge, ginormous emphasis on the meal. We’re celebrating a really happy time in our lives, and are fortunate enough to have so many of our loved ones take the time out of their lives to celebrate with us, so a nice dinner is just a small token of our appreciation. Truth: every year, McGlovin and I host a big ‘family dinner’ with twenty or thirty people . This is, of course,  a much larger guest list, but providing everyone an awesome dinner party just seems like a natural way for us to show our family and friends how thankful we are to have them.

Family style was our immediate first choice for service- it’s just so friendly and interactive! I like that people can take more of what they like and less of what they don’t. We also decided to have a big Italian menu- Italian is the perfect food genre to inspire excited conversation, hearty laughter, and tons of family memories. Plus, several of our more important times as a couple involve Italian food: A week after I ran into McGlovin on campus senior year, I demanded requested that he come over to a mutual friend’s house for dinner, where I was making a lasagna from scratch. I like to say that’s the meal that tricked him into falling in love with me 🙂 And then, of course, there was the epic engagement dinner that McGlovin created, shown above. How could we not have all kinds of Italian food on our menu?

Anyway, since I don’t have any glorious food porn for you to salivate over, let’s cut to the quick: our menu. We’re having bruschetta and heavy antipasti during the cocktail hour with meats, cheeses and roasted veggies. Once people migrate upstairs for dinner, they’ll be met with a family style house salad in vinaigrette and ciabatta with a compound herb butter, to enjoy while the best man and maids of honor give toasts. Then, for dinner, we’ll have a roasted veggie lasagna with red sauce, sausage, peppers, and onions in vodka sauce over penne, chicken marsala and garlic mash, and balsamic roasted vegetables. We tried to penne pasta with an evoo sauce, but it came out a little dry. We also tried chicken parm, but decided to do chicken marsala instead, so if someone didn’t like tomato sauce they had a few options.

So, what do you think?  A little disappointing to have to try to picture a menu without any photos, but just think about all of that Italian food being passed around on big family sized platters- could that be any more fun {Chandler voice}??

For Sure Doing A First Look

Yesterday, Miss Blue Whale wrote about why she’s not having a first look. Everyone has their own perspective, and what’s right for one person may not be what’s right for another person, so today I thought I’d explain why McGlovin and I are definitely doing a first look.

When we first started planning, I was really waffling- everyone says that the first time he sees you is supposed to be so magical, and that ’27 dresses’ moment when you’re watching the groom watch his bride is so pivotal, etc. I asked Gloves what he thought. He said that it really wasn’t important to him at all- the first time we see each other is guaranteed to be crazy special- it’s the day we’re getting married! Imma be a Mrs and he’s going to be my Mister 🙂 And he’s so right- how could that not be the best moment of my day?

Also, I mean- I don’t necessarily know if I want to share that moment with everyone else. Let’s be honest- I don’t. At all. When we do our first look, we will be looking directly at one another, not at all worrying about what everyone else thinks of us, because there’s won’t be an ‘everyone else’! Just me and the mister. Plus, then I can tell him exactly what I’m thinking- he probably looks so amazing, and I’m probably so excited to be getting married, and I probably had way too much coffee this morning, and Howie probably accidentally ate my garter while we were getting our hair done. And he’ll probably tell me how much he likes my dress or hair and that the best man spilled coffee all over his mom’s white carpet and everyone almost died. These things are likely nervous chatter, of course, but they’re exactly what our relationship is about! It would kill me to see him for the first time at the altar, and have to sit silently for an hour before I could say anything to him 🙂

Finally, regarding the pictures. McGlovin and I have a serious Catholic gap on our wedding day- ceremony from 2:30-3:30 and the cocktail hour at 5:30. So, we have plenty of time for pics between the ceremony and the reception and don’t need those extra pictures. But, really- how can you resist photos like these?

The sheer joy in Mrs Poodle’s first hug with her husaband to be! Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Next Exit Photography

Adorable Mrs Brooch, collecting herself 🙂 Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Graham Terhune

Look at how emotional the Pin Cushions are! Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Steep Street Photography

Mr Frog’s reaction to his Mrs is priceless. Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Stephanie Williams

Since we just discussed this topic yesterday, I don’t have any questions for you, but I must say…I could not be any more excited to see McGlovin, all dressed up and looking amazing, all by my lonesome {with our photographer} at an undisclosed location before our wedding! ohemgee, pretty super excited 🙂

All of the wedding showers!

Hive, I have to tell you- I was not particularly looking forward to my bridal shower{s}. It’s just that…I’m an awkward person, on a normal day. Put me in a situation where I am the guest of honor and have to talk to everyone, and I am a hot mess. I’m not naturally effusive, so it’s hard to me to find enough nice and friendly things to say, and my facial expressions are completely uncontrollable- you should see how wide my eyes get without my knowledge. On top of that, I was completely prepared for a panic episode…so, in short, not my ideal time.

Future mother and sister in law-/awesome shower shostesses


My actual showers, however….were completely awesome! My amazing future sister and mother in law threw me a beautiful shower with a ‘Love is Sweet’ theme. Since it was McGlovin’s family, everyone was super incredibly nice and welcoming {maybe other people don’t have that experience, but my inlaws are the most gracious people}.

My beautiful sisters and mom, with me

I was so happy to have my mom and sisters there- as well as my entire bridal party!

Not worry, my dear Hive- there were still plenty of unchecked facial expressions. Oops.

My sister is clearly more prepared for photography than I am 🙂

Some highlights of that shower included the two games that we played {wedding present bingo, and the rubber band game- anytime someone crossed their legs, you took their rubberband, and whoever had the most, won}, the amazing food spread, the candy bar favors {!} and the company of so many delightful women 🙂

My sisters also threw me a shower, this time with my side of the family {since we live a few hours away, we knew people would not be willing to drive to attend a shower, so we had two}. The second shower was equally as amazing, but not at all photographed- blogger fail, I guess? There were several epic things that happened that I must tell you about.

First, a hot cocoa bar. My sister bought white mugs from the dollar store and, as people arrived, they were given a mug and a choice in sharpies and put to work decorating. It was a really great way to fill time and break the ice as people trickled in. Then, when they were decorated, she baked them for a half hour to set the ink. They were probably the most awesome shower favor I’ve encountered! In the meantime, there was also a cocoa bar where you could fill your mug with cocoa and then top it however you like- marshmallows, Andes mints, chocolate chips, caramel syrup, whipped cream and booze- there was Baileys and hree kinds of Kalua. Pretty much, it was the highlight of my life. I’m thinking of installing something like this in a permanent location in my home 🙂

Then, shower game of all shower games- we played Toilet Paper Brides. I have no idea why, or where my obsession stems from, but I have always wanted to experience TP Brides at my own bridal shower, and my awesome sisters made this dream come true. Have a look:

My Grandma, the cutest TP Bride ever!

My sister, interesting headpiece…

My future sister-in-law, with a surprisingly fashionable design!

Chixxx! There was a cardigan accessory to this dress, but it disintegrated…

And this. Hive, I couldn’t handle it. Howie was a champ all day at the shower, and then…well, take a look:

Howie, clearling winning the TP Bride contest 🙂

They even made Howie a little train, and tied some extra ribbon around his very expressive tail. It was almost too much to handle! As you can tell, I was so, so thrilled with this game, and my showers in general.

I was really surprised, though- I truly thought that they seemed like alot of pressure and potential for stress, but they were amazing! Was anyone else kind of dreading a part of their wedding, that turned out to be awesome? Or did everyone else just know, already, how awesome it would be? 🙂





Whew- we’re ready to get married!


First of all, thank you so much for all of the encouraging words and messages regarding my Grandma- I was completely engulfed in a cloud of upset and, even though I don’t actually know you guys, just having all of your support really improved my outlook Monday afternoon. So- thanks 🙂

Secondly, the weight of the world was lifted yesterday when two things occurred-  McGlovin and I stuffed, stamped and mailed our wedding invitations and then, on a complete roll, went downtown and applied for our marriage license! Yess!

Bam- licensed to be wed!

True story- it took us longer to find the Office of Marriage Licensing than it took for us to get it. {15 minutes to find, two minutes in the office to apply.} We had filled out the application online, so when we got to the office {where there was absolutely no line} all we had to do was provide our IDs and Social Security numbers, and promise that we weren’t cousins or already married. {Somewhat awkward, though- the girl started out her spiel, “Please raise your right hand. Do you swear or affirm, blah blah blah….second cousins…blah blah blah…previous marriages…blah blah blah…please swear or affirm.” And we both looked at her for a second, looked at each other, and managed a confused, “I…swear?” We were completely not prepared for that formality.}

Anyway, so- with our license in hand and our invitations being filtered through the Postal Service, McGlovin and I are feeling hugely relieved. There is still plenty to do, of course, but it’s mostly decorations, organization, providing direction, etc. In my eyes, even if we don’t do anything else, we’re still getting married with everything that we need. Anything more that we do will just enhance the day 🙂

So, what part of planning was your huge relief? Or were you pushing forward until the day of? And- was anyone else particularly surprised by any part of getting your license? I’ve heard that some people actually have to get a physical or give blood- crazy!

It’s a hard day…

Hive, I’m having a rough time. The thing is- my grandma was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer a little over two months ago. She’s been going to chemo, which has shrunk her cancer, and was told last week that she needs to have surgery in January for the doctors to get out what they can, and see where it’s spread to. McGlovin and I went to visit her this weekend, in an effort to reassure her that her health is far, far more important to us than her presence at our wedding. In truth, though- I’m heartbroken.

Grandma and Grandpa just celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary- sixty years! They are crazy adorable, and their devotion to each other is really inspirational, as cheesy as that always sounds. Check out one of their wedding pics:

Look how adorable they are!

I don’t know what to think. I always pictured my wedding with all four of my grandparents present, the way that everyone always does. Ten years ago, when we celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversaries of both sets of grandparents, I never would have expected anything else. Then, two years ago, my mom’s dad died in an incredibly tragic accident. I was broken hearted to realize that McGlovin would never get to know this man, whom I had admired so much, and that he would never know our children…

And now, I guess that I’m not upset at the fact that my dad’s parents won’t be present at our wedding- that, by itself, seems a little selfish. I just…I’m just really upset that I seem to be losing people who are important to me {and to my family!} at a time when we’re supposed to be celebrating. And it’s sudden, too, you know? Like, when my mom told my sister and I that my grandma had cancer, we were stunned- she was kind of the Iron Woman in our family, expected to live to be a hundred and ten, or so.

So, Hive- it’s just really rough right now. I’ll get back to planning stories, Howie hijinks, etc at some point in the next few days, but damn…life is really awful sometimes, you know?


** All photos are from the family vault 🙂

I’m Absolutely Not Losing My Shit Over A Cake Stand…Really.

Hive, I pride myself on being a pretty reasonable person. I feel like my wedding plans have been coming along, with very little crazy on my part {except for that time that I almost talked myself into making my own wedding cake- that was a lot of crazy}. I found vendors, venues, a dress- McGlovin and I have put together a nice little wedding with very little drama or fanfare. So it makes me absolutely insane that I might be having my bridal melt down….over a cake stand. Wtf is this, hive?

Right, so. Around the Hundred Days mark I emailed all of our vendors, just to check in to see what they still needed from us, and start to finalize all of the details. I emailed our cake baker to confirm flavors, decoration ideas, etc. And, since we’re going a cake-and-pie situation, I wanted to confirm the size of the cake stand so the venue would have the right size table to accommodate everything. I was taken completely off guard, then, when he emailed back and apologized for any confusion but, unless we pay a {not-small} fee to rent a cake stand, he delivers the cake on a cardboard round.


This surprise is not the baker’s fault at all- he’s totally right, we never actually discussed a cake stand, he never insinuated anything otherwise and, from talking about this to everyone I know, it’s completely common practice. It’s just- I guess that I’m just constantly surprised at the ridiculous, minute things that someone is required to think about just to have a wedding. You have a dress, but you also need a longline bra and a crinoline. You reserve a church, but you need to hire musicians. You have invitations, but for some reason your mom objects to the stamps. I thought the cake would be, like, we bought the cake, done. But no….no, no, silly Gloves.

This entire rant feels ridiculous, because it is- no one cares what my cake is on top of, not even me! It’s just like, every time I think something about this wedding is settled, it turns out there are four more surprise steps that need to be addressed. Hhhhhh….So, okay, now that I’ve vented that, let’s look at options. For some reason, I’ve always pictured my cake sitting on top of a silver plateau, like this:

I could rent that, or look at some DIY options, like Mrs. Bunting {gorgeous, by the way!}:

Photo by Bryan and Mae, taken from the ‘Bee

Or, if I still wanted a box-type-situation, McGlovin could fashion a box that we could paint or cover in fabric, like this:

Compilation from

Or, and this might be my favorite option, square glass vases with the cake sitting on top…I think that, rather than the flowers underneath, we could wind white Christmas lights through them?

Or, frankly, I could just forget about a cake stand and have it sitting on the table on the cardboard round- I’m almost certain that no one would notice, not even me. Suggestions? Ideas? Anything? Sorry for my uncharacteristic crazy today, Hive- thank God it’s Friday, right?   🙂