I’m Absolutely Not Losing My Shit Over A Cake Stand…Really.

Hive, I pride myself on being a pretty reasonable person. I feel like my wedding plans have been coming along, with very little crazy on my part {except for that time that I almost talked myself into making my own wedding cake- that was a lot of crazy}. I found vendors, venues, a dress- McGlovin and I have put together a nice little wedding with very little drama or fanfare. So it makes me absolutely insane that I might be having my bridal melt down….over a cake stand. Wtf is this, hive?

Right, so. Around the Hundred Days mark I emailed all of our vendors, just to check in to see what they still needed from us, and start to finalize all of the details. I emailed our cake baker to confirm flavors, decoration ideas, etc. And, since we’re going a cake-and-pie situation, I wanted to confirm the size of the cake stand so the venue would have the right size table to accommodate everything. I was taken completely off guard, then, when he emailed back and apologized for any confusion but, unless we pay a {not-small} fee to rent a cake stand, he delivers the cake on a cardboard round.


This surprise is not the baker’s fault at all- he’s totally right, we never actually discussed a cake stand, he never insinuated anything otherwise and, from talking about this to everyone I know, it’s completely common practice. It’s just- I guess that I’m just constantly surprised at the ridiculous, minute things that someone is required to think about just to have a wedding. You have a dress, but you also need a longline bra and a crinoline. You reserve a church, but you need to hire musicians. You have invitations, but for some reason your mom objects to the stamps. I thought the cake would be, like, we bought the cake, done. But no….no, no, silly Gloves.

This entire rant feels ridiculous, because it is- no one cares what my cake is on top of, not even me! It’s just like, every time I think something about this wedding is settled, it turns out there are four more surprise steps that need to be addressed. Hhhhhh….So, okay, now that I’ve vented that, let’s look at options. For some reason, I’ve always pictured my cake sitting on top of a silver plateau, like this:

I could rent that, or look at some DIY options, like Mrs. Bunting {gorgeous, by the way!}:

Photo by Bryan and Mae, taken from the ‘Bee

Or, if I still wanted a box-type-situation, McGlovin could fashion a box that we could paint or cover in fabric, like this:

Compilation from WeddingChicks.com

Or, and this might be my favorite option, square glass vases with the cake sitting on top…I think that, rather than the flowers underneath, we could wind white Christmas lights through them?

Or, frankly, I could just forget about a cake stand and have it sitting on the table on the cardboard round- I’m almost certain that no one would notice, not even me. Suggestions? Ideas? Anything? Sorry for my uncharacteristic crazy today, Hive- thank God it’s Friday, right?   🙂


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