It’s a hard day…

Hive, I’m having a rough time. The thing is- my grandma was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer a little over two months ago. She’s been going to chemo, which has shrunk her cancer, and was told last week that she needs to have surgery in January for the doctors to get out what they can, and see where it’s spread to. McGlovin and I went to visit her this weekend, in an effort to reassure her that her health is far, far more important to us than her presence at our wedding. In truth, though- I’m heartbroken.

Grandma and Grandpa just celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary- sixty years! They are crazy adorable, and their devotion to each other is really inspirational, as cheesy as that always sounds. Check out one of their wedding pics:

Look how adorable they are!

I don’t know what to think. I always pictured my wedding with all four of my grandparents present, the way that everyone always does. Ten years ago, when we celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversaries of both sets of grandparents, I never would have expected anything else. Then, two years ago, my mom’s dad died in an incredibly tragic accident. I was broken hearted to realize that McGlovin would never get to know this man, whom I had admired so much, and that he would never know our children…

And now, I guess that I’m not upset at the fact that my dad’s parents won’t be present at our wedding- that, by itself, seems a little selfish. I just…I’m just really upset that I seem to be losing people who are important to me {and to my family!} at a time when we’re supposed to be celebrating. And it’s sudden, too, you know? Like, when my mom told my sister and I that my grandma had cancer, we were stunned- she was kind of the Iron Woman in our family, expected to live to be a hundred and ten, or so.

So, Hive- it’s just really rough right now. I’ll get back to planning stories, Howie hijinks, etc at some point in the next few days, but damn…life is really awful sometimes, you know?


** All photos are from the family vault 🙂


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