All of the wedding showers!

Hive, I have to tell you- I was not particularly looking forward to my bridal shower{s}. It’s just that…I’m an awkward person, on a normal day. Put me in a situation where I am the guest of honor and have to talk to everyone, and I am a hot mess. I’m not naturally effusive, so it’s hard to me to find enough nice and friendly things to say, and my facial expressions are completely uncontrollable- you should see how wide my eyes get without my knowledge. On top of that, I was completely prepared for a panic episode…so, in short, not my ideal time.

Future mother and sister in law-/awesome shower shostesses


My actual showers, however….were completely awesome! My amazing future sister and mother in law threw me a beautiful shower with a ‘Love is Sweet’ theme. Since it was McGlovin’s family, everyone was super incredibly nice and welcoming {maybe other people don’t have that experience, but my inlaws are the most gracious people}.

My beautiful sisters and mom, with me

I was so happy to have my mom and sisters there- as well as my entire bridal party!

Not worry, my dear Hive- there were still plenty of unchecked facial expressions. Oops.

My sister is clearly more prepared for photography than I am 🙂

Some highlights of that shower included the two games that we played {wedding present bingo, and the rubber band game- anytime someone crossed their legs, you took their rubberband, and whoever had the most, won}, the amazing food spread, the candy bar favors {!} and the company of so many delightful women 🙂

My sisters also threw me a shower, this time with my side of the family {since we live a few hours away, we knew people would not be willing to drive to attend a shower, so we had two}. The second shower was equally as amazing, but not at all photographed- blogger fail, I guess? There were several epic things that happened that I must tell you about.

First, a hot cocoa bar. My sister bought white mugs from the dollar store and, as people arrived, they were given a mug and a choice in sharpies and put to work decorating. It was a really great way to fill time and break the ice as people trickled in. Then, when they were decorated, she baked them for a half hour to set the ink. They were probably the most awesome shower favor I’ve encountered! In the meantime, there was also a cocoa bar where you could fill your mug with cocoa and then top it however you like- marshmallows, Andes mints, chocolate chips, caramel syrup, whipped cream and booze- there was Baileys and hree kinds of Kalua. Pretty much, it was the highlight of my life. I’m thinking of installing something like this in a permanent location in my home 🙂

Then, shower game of all shower games- we played Toilet Paper Brides. I have no idea why, or where my obsession stems from, but I have always wanted to experience TP Brides at my own bridal shower, and my awesome sisters made this dream come true. Have a look:

My Grandma, the cutest TP Bride ever!

My sister, interesting headpiece…

My future sister-in-law, with a surprisingly fashionable design!

Chixxx! There was a cardigan accessory to this dress, but it disintegrated…

And this. Hive, I couldn’t handle it. Howie was a champ all day at the shower, and then…well, take a look:

Howie, clearling winning the TP Bride contest 🙂

They even made Howie a little train, and tied some extra ribbon around his very expressive tail. It was almost too much to handle! As you can tell, I was so, so thrilled with this game, and my showers in general.

I was really surprised, though- I truly thought that they seemed like alot of pressure and potential for stress, but they were amazing! Was anyone else kind of dreading a part of their wedding, that turned out to be awesome? Or did everyone else just know, already, how awesome it would be? 🙂






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