For Sure Doing A First Look

Yesterday, Miss Blue Whale wrote about why she’s not having a first look. Everyone has their own perspective, and what’s right for one person may not be what’s right for another person, so today I thought I’d explain why McGlovin and I are definitely doing a first look.

When we first started planning, I was really waffling- everyone says that the first time he sees you is supposed to be so magical, and that ’27 dresses’ moment when you’re watching the groom watch his bride is so pivotal, etc. I asked Gloves what he thought. He said that it really wasn’t important to him at all- the first time we see each other is guaranteed to be crazy special- it’s the day we’re getting married! Imma be a Mrs and he’s going to be my Mister 🙂 And he’s so right- how could that not be the best moment of my day?

Also, I mean- I don’t necessarily know if I want to share that moment with everyone else. Let’s be honest- I don’t. At all. When we do our first look, we will be looking directly at one another, not at all worrying about what everyone else thinks of us, because there’s won’t be an ‘everyone else’! Just me and the mister. Plus, then I can tell him exactly what I’m thinking- he probably looks so amazing, and I’m probably so excited to be getting married, and I probably had way too much coffee this morning, and Howie probably accidentally ate my garter while we were getting our hair done. And he’ll probably tell me how much he likes my dress or hair and that the best man spilled coffee all over his mom’s white carpet and everyone almost died. These things are likely nervous chatter, of course, but they’re exactly what our relationship is about! It would kill me to see him for the first time at the altar, and have to sit silently for an hour before I could say anything to him 🙂

Finally, regarding the pictures. McGlovin and I have a serious Catholic gap on our wedding day- ceremony from 2:30-3:30 and the cocktail hour at 5:30. So, we have plenty of time for pics between the ceremony and the reception and don’t need those extra pictures. But, really- how can you resist photos like these?

The sheer joy in Mrs Poodle’s first hug with her husaband to be! Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Next Exit Photography

Adorable Mrs Brooch, collecting herself 🙂 Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Graham Terhune

Look at how emotional the Pin Cushions are! Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Steep Street Photography

Mr Frog’s reaction to his Mrs is priceless. Photo from the ‘Bee, taken by Stephanie Williams

Since we just discussed this topic yesterday, I don’t have any questions for you, but I must say…I could not be any more excited to see McGlovin, all dressed up and looking amazing, all by my lonesome {with our photographer} at an undisclosed location before our wedding! ohemgee, pretty super excited 🙂


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