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What? It’s our wedding week?

Hello again, Hive lovelies! My last post was at eighteen days out and here we are, just five days left! What’s been going on? Here are some things in the Glove’s life:

–          We had Christmas, and it was awesome!

Glitter, Howie

Howard clearly enjoyed Christmas 🙂

–          I got the flu on Christmas night, and it was less awesome- I was seriously in bed for five days, and had fever-induced nightmares about things not being ready.

–          Our wine vendor cancelled our order, and it was so incredibly frustrating! Not to worry, though- Mr Gloves handled that issue.

–          We got a new priest, and he’s amazing! I’ll tell you about how unhappy I’ve been with our church after the wedding, but this new priest really is a blessing, and will be a highlight in our day 🙂

–          I finally started the DIY portion of my wedding. We don’t have a ton of DIY, since I don’t think the church or reception venue require a lot of décor, but we do have some, which I’ll get to this week.

So, first order of business is regarding some cardboard letters. I have this idea for the entry table in my head, I turned to one of my boards on Pinterest for some inspiration. Here’s what I found:

Photo by Kari Herer, found in Style Me Pretty

Photo by Kari Herer, found in Style Me Pretty

I don’t know why, it could be the middle school cheerleader in me, but I really love the glitter number.  So I figured I would work with that idea and, using paper mache letters in McGlovin and my initials, create some lovely glitter initials for our entry table.  I was, in fact, a middle school cheerleader, so I know that just putting glue on something and sprinkling glitter over it turns into a huge mess that leaves a trail of glitter everywhere. So, I did a little research {does pinterest count as research, at this point?} and found several tutorials in glittering things up that suggested mixing glitter into ModPodge and painting the mixture on, so I tried it.

Hive, it was a hot mess:

glitter fail

I don’t know what the problem was, but everything was uneven, and it was a lumpy mess. I even got the superfine glitter that’s really just shimmer, because I thought that chunky glitter would be awful. Maybe it’s just glitter, in general, that’s awful for a wedding?

In any case, I could not leave well enough alone and had to try again. With a new set of E’s {by the way, having the same first initial kind of kills a monogram, in case you were wondering} and a bottle of Krylon Glitter Spray, I was ready to make it happen. Behold:

glitter success

I was really happy with these! The coverage is uniform, the glitter isn’t rubbing off and they’ll look so pretty illuminated by candlelight! I’m calling this a success. Hope you’re getting ready for my next DIY- I’m framing one of our engagement photos in an old window frame!

Well, friends, I don’t have a pertinent question here, soI hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve! McGlovin and I are headed out for birthday drinks and some nice Italian foo {I’m a New Years baby :)} What are you all up to?


Eighteen Days and Counting

Welp, Hive, here we are- eighteen days from the wedding.

Yesterday I got an email from my church letting me know that our priest has been called into service in Rome for the month of January. He’s calling around to see if there’s someone else available but, do we know any other priests? Huh.

McGlovin was on duty last night and, when he called to talk about wedding plans, he told me that he’s decided, instead of hiring a car to drive us around on our wedding day, we’re just going to ride with his sister and brother-in-law. I’ve always, always wanted a vintage car to drive us, just us, so we could have even a tiny bit of alone time, but now, eighteen days before the wedding, we’ve decided to ride with his sister and brother in law. Huh.

We’ve been working with a wine distributor for ages, trying to arrange an order. For some reason he can’t give us a list of what he carries, so we finally just gave him a list of wines we liked- he came back with two options, out of the ten we suggested. It’s a family friend, so of course we can’t use anyone else {who might be more efficient with a better selection}. Huh.

So, that’s what’s happening in the life of the Gloves. I realize that, in the real world, these things are a complete non-issue. I also realize that, in our little wedding world, these things are not a big deal. We’ll still end up married, even if it is by a complete stranger, and even if we don’t have any alone time at all on the day of our wedding, and even if there is a terrible wine selection. It’s just…this is totally an ‘if it rains, it pours’ moment, where I thought everything was completely on track, and I’m just now, a week before Christmas, realizing that we still have some tiny snags. It’s incredibly lame, and kind of ruining my Christmas spirit.

So, what’s going on in your life, Hive? Is anyone else being dragged down by their wedding? Or is everything transpiring in the most awesome way? {I hope you choose the second option 🙂 }

DIY Pocketfolds

Hive!! I’ve for sure been the worst, absent since Thanksgiving- sorry! Between school, and a full time job, and Howie and weddings- I mean, we’re all in a similar boat, so you know how it is 🙂

Anyway, my last post was about my invitations, and I got more than one message asking about the pocketfolds and how they worked with Vista Print products. Well, two things- first, my mom and I actually hand crafted them. I’ll show you below how to do that. And second, regarding Vista Print- in my experience, Vista Print prints in two main sizes, half a page and a quarter of a page. For some reason, I was really opposed to having invitations that were clearly half of an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, so I altered them. Here’s how:

First, I used one of their standard templates, and put in all of the correct information in all of the allotted spaces. Then, I purchased the preview- I think it was a $1.99 charge. I printed out the preview, which was in the real size. On a separate piece of paper, I cut out a rectangle that was the size I wanted my invitations to be {for me, that was 4.5” x 6.5”}. I outlined that smaller rectangle on the bottom right of my Vista Print preview, and then went back into Vista Print and moved each of the text boxes to fit into where the smaller rectangle was on my preview. Then, I bought another preview, printed it out and cut it to the smaller size to see if everything was spaced correctly. I think it may have taken me two tries before everything was exactly where I wanted it. I went through the same process for my reception cards, to make them smaller so they would fit into the pocket.

So, when I got my items from Vista Print, the invitation was 8.5” x 5.5” {remember, the size of half of a sheet of paper}, but all of the information was concentrated in the bottom right corner. My mom and I spent an episode of Greys {or two} cutting a portion of the top and left sides so that my final invitation was 6.5” x 4.5”, and then we mounted that on a sheet of white cardstock, so the final invitation piece was 6.75” x 4.75”. We also trimmed the reception card down to 3.5” x4.5”, so it would fit.

So, then, once you have the invitation portion, you need to pocketfold portion. Here’s what you need for that:

Invitation Supplies

Paper Supplies

This part is actually really simple, as long as you have the score board {I think it was $25 at Michaels, then I used a 25% coupon, and it was probably one of the best $13 I spent in the entire wedding}. Anyway, lay your cardstock down and score at the 2” line and at the 7” line. Now your invitation is separated into three parts- the flap, the main invite portion, and the pocket portion.

Invite scoring

And now, to create the pocket. You need to score ½” on three sides- the two short sides, and one long side. The center of the pocket should now measure 4” across- the height is really your preference.

Invite pocket scoring

The last thing you need to do it cut off the two bottom corners, to avoid overlapping when you glue the edges down. Make sure that your cut reaches the point where the the two lines meet.

Invite pocket cuts

Now, I don’t have any assembly pictures, but it’s really simple. For the pocket, just fold back all three sides that you scored, apply glue, and press into place on the right side of your envelope. {A note: I used glue, but I might also recommend adhesive squares instead- the glue sometimes made the cardstock a bit wavy.} You can also adhere your invitation in the center portion of the pocketfold, and you’re all set!

Invitation open

Overall, I was pretty happy with these. They were certainly a bit of work but, honestly, I knocked them out over a few evenings of watching HIMYM re-runs. They weren’t difficult at all, and I’m certain that they were more cost effective than purchasing pre-made pocket folds- after all, I guess I just bought the cardstock for $2.50 for a pack of 50 sheets {so, at 3 packs, 7.50}, the score board {$13}, and the adhesive {maybe $5?} so it came out to be less than $30 for about 100 envelopes. Not bad, I don’t think!

Mmk, Hive- what was your most time consuming project? Was it worth the time and effort?