Eighteen Days and Counting

Welp, Hive, here we are- eighteen days from the wedding.

Yesterday I got an email from my church letting me know that our priest has been called into service in Rome for the month of January. He’s calling around to see if there’s someone else available but, do we know any other priests? Huh.

McGlovin was on duty last night and, when he called to talk about wedding plans, he told me that he’s decided, instead of hiring a car to drive us around on our wedding day, we’re just going to ride with his sister and brother-in-law. I’ve always, always wanted a vintage car to drive us, just us, so we could have even a tiny bit of alone time, but now, eighteen days before the wedding, we’ve decided to ride with his sister and brother in law. Huh.

We’ve been working with a wine distributor for ages, trying to arrange an order. For some reason he can’t give us a list of what he carries, so we finally just gave him a list of wines we liked- he came back with two options, out of the ten we suggested. It’s a family friend, so of course we can’t use anyone else {who might be more efficient with a better selection}. Huh.

So, that’s what’s happening in the life of the Gloves. I realize that, in the real world, these things are a complete non-issue. I also realize that, in our little wedding world, these things are not a big deal. We’ll still end up married, even if it is by a complete stranger, and even if we don’t have any alone time at all on the day of our wedding, and even if there is a terrible wine selection. It’s just…this is totally an ‘if it rains, it pours’ moment, where I thought everything was completely on track, and I’m just now, a week before Christmas, realizing that we still have some tiny snags. It’s incredibly lame, and kind of ruining my Christmas spirit.

So, what’s going on in your life, Hive? Is anyone else being dragged down by their wedding? Or is everything transpiring in the most awesome way? {I hope you choose the second option 🙂 }


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