Monthiversary, and some reflections

Well hello again, Hive! McGlovin and I have been married for exactly one month, and it has been…awesome. I mean, it’s exactly the same as it was two months ago, but that was still awesome 🙂

This is what awesome looks like :)

This is what awesome looks like 🙂

Anyway, so- I thought about you a lot, Hive, while I was on my honeymoon. I kind of feel like I owe Weddingbee a bit of an apology. See, when I applied to be a Bee, I had a lot going on regarding wedding planning- all the decisions and pinning and being inspired, oh my! I seriously blogged four or five times week, charting all of our progress and exploring various decisions. And then, by August…there just wasn’t a lot left to talk {blog} about!

The thing is, McGlovin and I are a manically prepared people, and frontloaded our engagement with decision making and planning. Since I’m crazy organized, I’ve had a schedule and info packet drafted up since last June- a full seven months before the wedding. Bearing that in mind, along with the fact that we were planning a completely non-fussy wedding without a particular theme in mind {and therefore required next to no decorations or flowers or various other whathaveyou}, our wedding planning was not particularly complicated or challenging.

Gratuitous honeymoon photo :)

Gratuitous honeymoon photo 🙂

As a result, I really didn’t think I had a whole lot to offer the Weddingbee community. A quick chat with Mr G on our honeymoon, however, revealed that perhaps I could, actually, offer a number of suggestions in terms of how I organized such a stress-free wedding, since that seems to be much the opposite of the norm in wedding planning. So, if anyone is interested, my next few posts will cover my incredibly anal retentive organization, as well as suggestions for processes that seemed to work really well for us. Then I’ll cover the few DIY projects that we did that our guests loved, and then hopefully we’ll have photos back for some recaps.

So, yes, an apology for my lack of wedding blogging, but I hope you’re excited for Gloves, part 2! Be honest- there were other people who had a pretty easy go of wedding planning, right? Was anyone else pleasantly surprised? Or was that just me?


***photos are personal


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