What’s in your Drive?

Hive! I hope your weekend was lovely! McGlovin and I were sitting on the couch on Sunday when it occurred to us how nice it was to sit and drink coffee and read the paper in companionable silence, without trying to cram every spare minute with wedding planning and logistics and to do lists 🙂

Speaking of planning and logistics, though…in my last post, I listed all of the awesomeness that is Google. In this post, I want to zero in on why Google Drive {formerly Google Docs} is so incredibly helpful. [Disclaimer: I know that you all are very bright, and can likely figure this out for yourselves. It’s just, when I started planning, I had no idea where to go or what to use to get organized, and I wish someone had made a few helpful suggestions!]

So, what made G-Drive so helpful? Well, a few things. First, it was like our online wedding binder- it had all of our information in it, and was easily accessible. Since everything is online, we could access it from work, home, our parents homes, wherever. Also, there’s an app, so even if I was standing in the aisle at Michaels, I could go into my phone app and see whatever document I needed. You can also edit documents from your phone- crazy helpful.

What all was in our drive? Everything, and I mean everything. Here’s a run-down:

–          Our playlist(s). McGlovin and I worked on the playlist for a while, then elected to share it with our friends. Everyone was asked not to delete, only add songs, and it was so incredibly helpful! People added hilarious things that neither of us would have thought of and it gave our DJ a great starting point- everyone loved our reception music, so I think it turned out well.

–          Our guest list. We didn’t share this doc with anyone, but people were constantly changing their information {name, address, date’s name, etc} so it was awesome to have this digitally, and instantly changeable. Our guest list was in a spreadsheet file, and we definitely made use of the tabs. The first page was our master list, and then various other tabs showed guest lists for showers, bachelor/ette parties, rehearsal dinner, etc. Whenever a party host asked for a list w/addresses or phone numbers, we just copied it into an Excel file and emailed away. We also added columns for gifts received, so we could keep track as we got them in the mail, and a column for thank you notes out, so we could make sure everyone was thanked in a timely manner. Since we were both receiving and thanking, it was awesome that Mr G and I could access the document simultaneously and update.

–          Photo list. This was a Google doc, and every time I saw or thought of a photo that I liked/wanted/needed, I added to this list. Then, when my photographer asked for my must-have photos, it was easy to just forward her a list I’d been compiling my entire engagement. Again, being able to add things to this list using my phone was amazingly convenient {I usually added while I was looking at Pinterest waiting for Dr’s appts, or on the bus}.

–          Budget. McGlovin was in charge of this document, but he recorded every charge, the date it was due, the deposits made, and where all of our money was coming from and going to. It made it really easy to see how our bank account was doing and where we were spending, and needed to stop spending, and we both reviewed it frequently to make sure we were on top of things.

–          Contracts. Every single time McGlovin approved and signed a contract, I scanned it and added it to the drive. Usually, we didn’t need them, but at one vendor meeting our contact was incredibly snippy and insisting on something that for sure wasn’t in our contract, and it was a truly glorious moment when I pulled it up on our phone and asked her to show me exactly where that stipulation was located. {Why no, it was not mentioned in our contract…back off, lady}.

–          Instructions/questions. I made a spreadsheet, and assigned each of our vendors a page. Every time I came up with a question/instruction, I added it for our next meeting, so I wasn’t emailing them every five minutes. Some examples: for our priest, please don’t introduce us by McGlovin’s name only! For our hairdresser: How long will it take to curl seven girls’ hair? For our venue: please pour the beer into a glass, not in the bottle! You get the idea 🙂

–          Schedules. I’ll write an entire post about scheduling, because that was something I was completely manic about, but I definitely used a spreadsheet to record a master schedule, my schedule, groom’s schedule, bridal party schedule, parent’s schedule, etc, for the day…and it was crazy helpful when I passed them out at the rehearsal dinner. Crazy helpful.

–          To do lists. So very, very many of these lists. Again, this is a topic that will require a post of it’s own, but my to-do lists were an incredibly vital part of the wedding, and stored on the drive.

So that’s what was in our Drive, which we referred to on a daily basis. So, a question for the Hive- who else has a fiance or husband that was also involved in the wedding planning? How did that work out for you? McGlovin did a fair amount of our coordinating, and it was great!


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