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The Checklist

Hive! I’ve given you nearly everything I have, between The Packet, The Schedule, The Spreadsheet and The Cards, but I do want to offer one last thing that might be helpful, if you’re at the very beginning of your planning- The Checklist.

The Checklist

Now, this isn’t a monthly to-do check off list, and it’s certainly not comprehensive, but it’s been very helpful when helping to plan and organize some of my friends’ weddings, in addition to my own. It’s just really helps you start to think about the big picture of how you want your wedding to feel, and also mentions many of the details that might be overlooked. I created it, as I was starting to help my brother and his fiance plan their wedding, so alot of it is specific to things they might need- but it has a been helpful for a few others that I’m organizing. {That was my disclaimer, so you don’t yell at me that I forgot x, y and z 🙂 }

There’s also a Bridal Party contact sheet, which I think is vital and should be filled out and distributed to the bridal party, in case they need to contact each other and don’t have the info. And Vendor Contact sheets, which I always find helpful and take notes on every single time I have questions or receive answers for my vendors.

So, that’s that- Hive, you have everything that I have. How’s your planning going? Well? Nice and organized? And, on an unrelated {but also usually related} topic- has anyone else seen those things that look like wine juice boxes at target? It’s boxed wine, but in single serving containers. They’re hilarious, and I’m really itching to bring one in with my brown bagged lunch. Anyone else?